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2020 Winner

Manorama Online

The Malayala Manorama Co Ltd

Kottayam, India

Category Product Development

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Overview of this campaign

 To deliver the Malayali diaspora an unified experience across the Manorama Family, a brand identity refresh was brought to ManoramaOnline, identifiable to the letter 'M'. It has been designed with high visibility in mind and refreshed to convey a more modern brand.

 We keep evolving our content strategies, technologies and digital innovations to respond to the ever-changing world. Our multi dimensional approach of story telling delivered an immersive news experience to the readers. Manoramaonline has made headway in its efforts in reaching the remarkable "50:50 gender balance" in news readership, through our focus on balanced content across gender lines. Innovative concepts were ushered to bridge the generation gap in news readership like "Mkid - the digital newspaper for kids" and "Campus Reporter to nurture the excellent academic scribe to news reporting".

 ManoramaOnline's credibility and its hyper local & global traction has delivered value to the advertiser, thereby hitting a surge of 833% in YOY Native campaigns.

• Connecting the Malayali diaspora across the world, to a personalized and multi sensorial news experience.

• Attaining equal gender representation in news readership.

• Bridging the generation gap in news readership thorough innovative approaches for the young readers.

• Increasing the global reach of ManoramaOnline content.

• Aiming increased hyper local & global traction that inturn accrues relevant audience cohorts for advertising.

Results for this campaign

ManoramaOnline has a monthly traffic of 30.2 Million Users, that marks a reach of 80% Malayalis across the globe.

Witnessed 156% growth in YOY traffic and 86% growth in YOY pageviews, as a result of our constant optimizations and personalized content delivery.

The Simplified home page approach increased the returning visitors by 132%.

The multi dimensional approach of story telling engrossed Manoramaonline readers, hitting a higher reader engagement of 6.6 minutes per visit and growth in readership.

Our approach on balanced content delivery across gender lines recorded 143% YOY increase in female readers, leading to 50:50 reader profile.

Ushering innovative concepts like Campus reporter for the youth, witnessed a spike of 154% in YOY traffic of young audience falling in the age group 15 - 24. (data from Comscore multiplatform report)

As 90% readers access Manoramaonline from Mobile devices, implemented Accelerated mobile pages for faster loading, that resulted in 188% growth in YOY Organic Search traffic.

The revenue from native campaigns surged by 833% from last year, that shows the credibility of Manoramaonline content and the value to advertisers.

• Better understanding of our audience behaviour led us to deliver tailored content, thereby witnessing 132% growth in returning visitors. 

• Multi sensorial story telling resulted in higher reader engagement and growth in readership.

• Tracking user attention span metrics taught us that alike short-form stories, long form news articles also work in certain sections.

• Repurposing content for different audiences and user groups (like Social and aggregators), enabled strong online presence.

Our philosophy is simple - experiment, learn from the outcome and progress.
Irrespective of what is the result of the experiments - success or failures - it contributed to our progress.


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