Próvolo Victims
2020 Finalist

Próvolo Victims

Grupo Clarín

Mendoza, Argentina

Category Video

Overview of this campaign

General Objective:

  • Position Los Andes as leaders in the coverage of a case that shocked Mendoza and Argentina.

Specific objectives

  • Explore the little used formats of Los Andes newspaper;
  • Encourage teamwork within the company.
  • Produce a series of videos describing the magnitude of the almost 900 days that the case had lasted since it was revealed.

Results for this campaign

The documentary 'Victims of the Provolo' consists of 4 chapters (with a duration of 6'32 "; 10'04"; 6'13 "and 6'15") developed by Marcos García (camera and edition) and Ignacio de la Rosa (journalist production) with the video team of Los Andes paper. Investigation work includes testimonies of relatives and some victims of the abuses, as well as details about the case and a tour inside the Instituto del Terror (Institute of Terror).

Additionally, this work was complemented with interactive infographics that gathered the most revealing articles written since November 2016, as well as videos, exclusive images, geographic location of the cities linked by the Provolo case (Mendoza and La Plata, in Argentina; Verona, in Italy), podcasts, photos of the people involved and different moments of the case. 


The joint impact of the entire 'Provolo Case' project reached 200,000 page views and was replicated by the most important media in the country, such as Perfil ( -victimas-abusos.phtml), La Voz (ó-victimas-sordomudas-abuso-de-curas), and Radio con vos (https: // It was even commented on social media by colleagues from other media, such as this radio journalist speaking.


The coverage was acknowledged by different institutions in Mendoza, such as the provincial Legislature and different civil society organizations and municipalities.


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