Super app GaúchaZH
2020 Finalist

Super app GaúchaZH

Grupo RBS

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

- Build a sustainable digital business model
- Grow the number of digital subscribers
- Deliver a quality digital product and aligned with the expectations of the public

Results for this campaign

- Implementation of an agile methodology among tech, newsroom and communication teams to accelerate digital and responding to consumer needs in a rapid and assertive manner.

- Newsroom integration, with multidisciplinary team producing journalistic content on all channels (print newspaper, digital and radio).

- Two years after the launch of GaúchaZH, which combined the strengths of Zero Hora and Rádio Gaúcha, the digital platform surpassed the mark of 110,000 subscribers with access to news, entertainment and exclusive content.

- In October 2019, the GZH portfolio reach 111,005 subscribers – the same month that the new application was launched with improvements for users.

- During the week of the new application launch, there was a 202% increase in downloads compared to the average from previous weeks.

- With the launch of the new application, the daily average for subscription sales tripled in relation to previous weeks – when the old app was available.

- In the month prior to the launch of the application, an average 39% of the digital portfolio used the application weekly. One month after the launch, the number of people using the app rose to 44.8%.

- Besides solving the main points of friction reported by users in the study, the new application presents the following new features: new content layout to enhance images and titles, in addition to large text fonts; a shortcut to the home page with news curated by editors, lists of the latest articles and a tab with special reports; a new login system, with enhanced security and which keeps the user logged on; greater ease in consuming ZH Digital, whereby access to the digital newspaper is through one simple click; possibility of users only receiving notifications on content of their interest.

- According to user feedback, the new application raised GaúchaZH to a new level in terms of consumer experience.


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