Record Challenge Park
2020 Finalist

Record Challenge Park

Cofina Media

Lisbon, Portugal

Category Events

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Overview of this campaign

The purpose of the Record Challenge Park campaign was to publicize the event, amplifying the message in a segmented way, applying the geographical reference of the area where it was going to happen.

The message was distributed in such a way as to impact all people and families interested in sport and who wanted to spend a pleasant day outdoors, with the possibility to try various modalities and still end the day listening to a musical concert. The component of this event being free was strongly emphasized, as an incentive for family participation and the practice of a healthy lifestyle.

The values that make the DNA of the Record brand are at the origin of this event: fair play; inspiration; eclectism; in short “Give it all!”

Results for this campaign

 SPECTACOLOR - May 1st to 7th

Standard Network - Lisbon - 227 ATM

Number of Contacts Obtained - 438,607

The campaign started on the 1st of May holiday, the largest number of contacts was obtained on the 2nd and 3rd of May, we can conclude that in addition to being the beginning of the month there were also those who took these days off / holidays which led to a greater number of users to ATM's, which represented 37% of the total number of Contacts.

In terms of time slots, the peak attendance at the ATM is between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm.


GDN - May 1st to 10th

In the Campaign total, we had 14,941 clicks and a CTR of 0.62%.

Of the four segmentation adgroups used, the best performance was seen in “Interests” with a CTR of 0.81% and a CPC of 0.15 €, on the other hand the largest investment and the highest volume of clicks was registered in the adgroup Demographic.

The campaign was initially geographically segmented (Greater Lisbon), and at the level of age groups (25/65 +), in order to meet the campaign's objectives, as can be seen between 05/01 and 05/05, it was necessary broaden segmentation, increasing the radius of geographical coverage, as well as age groups, in addition to the optimizations made, namely in terms of placements, bids and devices.

Analyzing the formats of the campaign, Halfpage was the one that got the best performance at the CTR level with 1.01% and that generated the highest number of clicks.


SAPO NETWORK - May 1st to 10th

As a complement, in Digital we were also present in the SAPO Network with the Half Page format, we obtained 260,098 Impressions with a CTR of 0.07%, reaching 138,501 users, with each user being impacted about 2 times.


Social Media - April 1st to May 18th

On Facebook, we made 54 posts, with a total reach of 680000 people that generated 14000 interactions.On Instagram, 23 publications were made, with a total reach of 243000 users and 4700 interactions, with the 9 Stories created reaching 160000 peo


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