2020 Finalist

Continuous Scroll: Combining Storytelling with New Technology

Bonnier News

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

Continuous Scroll was born out of our wish to find new ad spaces as this commodity was starting to become scarce on our fully-booked start pages. 


The implementation of our tool resulted in new ways to bring in more customers with increased sales for both Bonnier News Brand Studio and our publishers. The development of the tool also contributed to closer collaboration with the editors, as the development work provided new lessons which both the editorial and commercial side of our business could benefit from. 


Another aspect worth mentioning is that the commercial content of Continuous Scroll tends to complement the editorial articles and therefore contributes to a better overall experience for our readers.

Continuous Scroll has become a good channel for customers wishing to communicate smaller topics, such as transport cars, as they may find it difficult to attract attention on the home page. Using Continuous Scroll they get new opportunities to meet their potential customers, which generates more business for Bonnier News Brand Studio.

Results for this campaign

Bonnier News Brand Studio has performed a large number of successful campaigns using Continuous Scroll. A recent example is McDonald’s, a company wishing to communicate their commitment to families with children suffering from severe illnesses, through the Ronald McDonald Fund.


We engaged a senior writer who wrote captivating articles about some of the families benefiting from this fund. The stories were important and strong and included emotional encounters with families literally fighting for the lives of their children.


By using Continuous Scroll, we managed to get a great number of people to read the stories, resulting in impressive figures for McDonald’s. The standard for time spent is 13,4 seconds – and this campaign reached 25,8 in average. The “Quick Exits”, i.e. readers who did not find the content interesting, were also low in count, 37 percent, which can be compared with a benchmark of 53 percent.


All in all, the stories were read 570 000 times, a remarkable number in such a small country as Sweden, and a significant recognition to all the families that have been given the opportunity to focus on a bright future for their children – despite major challenges.


Susanne Rydjer, Communication Manager, McDonald’s Sweden:

“Through close partnership with OMD & Bonnier News Brand Studio, using well written Native articles with engaging content, we can see higher effect from Native marketing than other channels when it comes to increasing Brand love. McDonald´s is big enough to make a difference, and Native marketing and Continuous scroll is a great way for us to deliver that message.”



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