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The SaltWire Deep Dives

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Halifax, Canada

Category Readership and Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

The overarching goal of this series was to decode some of the most important issues shaping Atlantic Canada. Rather than simply articulating what is happening, we sought to uncover the solutions being worked on and hear from those working for change. 

This initiative was also about giving our journalists a sandbox to learn about and practice Solutions Journalism. This was a concept new to many of them and rather than simply teach the  concept, we wanted a project that allowed them to learn on-the-job. 

Another critical goal of Deep Dives was to bring teams across the SaltWire Network together. The newsroom teams are geographically dispersed and have rarely collaborated.  For Deep Dives, we created nine cross-network teams, with rotating lead editors. 

We wanted to remind our existing readers why local journalism is important and to demonstrate to prospective readers that we offer highly relevant and beautifully designed news.

Results for this campaign

With the SaltWire Deep Dives we achieved the following:
  • Produced a 10-month Solutions Journalism series aimed at decoding nine of the major issues affecting Atlantic Canadians in 2019.
  • Delivered a consistent two-page spread, appearing every Friday in all five of our daily papers for 10 months, setting the conversation across all three provinces we represent.
  • Serialized long-form, multimedia storytelling designed for mobile readers.
  • Our first opportunity to consistently produce journalism relevant to our diverse region.
  • Peer-to-peer Solutions Journalism support and cross-newsroom teams.
  • Design-first print presentation.


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