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Des Moines, United States

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

Wisconsin start up, Empirical Event Marketing & Management (EEM&M), came to us looking for a visual brand that matched the exciting work they did for their clients. Specializing in home improvement and non-profit businesses, EEM&M would assist smaller companies by creating a professional, memorable, and impactful presence at trade shows and other events. We needed to create a brand that projected these same qualities onto EEM&M, while maintaining an approachable, professional attitude.

Our solution was to focus on the effect EEM&M has on their clients. They make their clients stand out and look professional. To emphasize this relationship we designed the Empirical Crown, a logo mark combining a crown with a group of spotlights. The symbology here represents how EEM&M will make your company the center of attention, but also how EEM&M themselves are leaders in their field.

Results for this campaign

This campaign helped EEM&M launch their business. The logo development was a home run on the first try! The client not only was able to create their website, business cards and brochures, but also generated ideas on additional ways to market their business through more traditional advertising means without losing the look & feel of what they are trying to communicate. Initially the client struggled with putting what they do into a marketable manner. It was very important to them in the initial stages of their business to have the logo, slogan, tag lines, messaging and advertisement consistent. The developed creatives helped the client move forward with a solid identity and later generated a number of repeat customers.


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