2019 Finalist

How Aftenposten Increased Their Business Leads with 66% Per Day

Schibsted Media Group

Oslo, Norway

Category Best Launch of A Brand Or Product To Create an Audience Segment

Overview of this campaign

Aftenposten (AP), Norway's largest printed newspaper by circulation, saw over time that more companies cancelled or reduced the number of subscriptions of the print newspaper edition without realising they could switch to a digital subscription.

Challenge: How to increase the number of digital subscriptions in the B2B market

Our B2B sales team noticed there was a high price sensitivity for corporate subscriptions. The product was, therefore, considered an investment for the companies because the quantity increased in the process of changing from a few print subscriptions to digital access for the entire company.

Therefore, we decided that the campaign should generate leads by communicating the USPs only to the right decision-makers. The problem was that our sales team found they had to persuade two different sets of stakeholders to sell Aftenposten.

They either had to go through “Procurement and Finance” or “Human Resources and Communication”, or, in several cases, both. Although both of these positions were classified as professions within knowledge-intensive businesses, they had different ways of being measured in relation to the type of work they performed.

We chose to split the target group in two, into something we called “hard and soft values.”

Target group 1: HR and Communication professionals (soft values): “I want to raise the skill level of the company’s employees by giving them new work tools so they can make wiser decisions together.”

Target group 2: Purchasing and Finance professionals (hard values): “I want to cut costs and streamline the company’s purchases.”

The campaign managed to simplify the USPs we wanted to communicate and reach the right audience segment.


Results for this campaign

  • Number of daily incoming B2B leads increased by 66% per day
  • Uniqe visitors to our B2B web page increased by 88 % per day
  • We want from zero prospects to several prospect B2B customers interested in more than 1000 subscriptions
  • The biggest achievement was reaching the right stakeholder in each company, which saved us considerable time used on meetings, cold calls and advertising
  • In total we attracted an all time high number of potential business leads in our pipeline 


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