2019 Winner

Digital Ecosystem Via Pais + Cimeco

Grupo Clarín

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Category Culture and People

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Overview of this campaign

Digital Ecosystem VíaPaís + Cimeco

• Via Pais news and journalistic content offer is unique: an agenda based on information provided by the main cities of the country  Because of its constant expansion, the supply is constantly increasing, differentiating itself more and more from traditional media.

• The network is constantly growing. its ceiling is the number of cities/districts in the country: 2222. Considering that the technological platform is unique and that the revenue model is national / local advertising the expansion cost is -from the economic perspective- marginal .

• The model of the journalistic organization is highly innovative: the work flow is organized with a central team and local/remotes teams (from 1 to 5 journalists) distributed in more than 50 cities / sites.

• The strategic business concept is focused on local information and zero redundancy: The workflow has a high virtual component, most of the journalists are distributed in local newsrooms and coordinated from the central node.

• The publishing technology platform is unique. All the nodes participate in the construction of the information offer that is distributed in the Vía País network of sites.




Results for this campaign

Actually Via Pais has +50 sites

• Via Pais is a brand new news product (it has no traditional paper antecedent). It is built based on Social Media and Search Engine traffic with a mass distribution model and high volume of localized content (10,000 monthly articles).

• The reception and consumption devices are mostly mobile (95%).

• The business model is based on activation of sites operated by Via Pais teams and by association with local franchisees and partners (media, journalists, organizations, etc.).

• The main income comes from national (100% Via Pais) and local (100% for the local associate) advertising.

• The model also allows other businesses to be developed: vertical sites of national or local interest, events, services, ecommerce, big data, etc.


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