Interactive News Augmented Reality Platform and App
2019 Finalist

Interactive News Augmented Reality Platform and App

Ledger Dispatch

Jackson, United States

Category Best Use of New Technology To Generate Revenue and Engage

Overview of this campaign

The Ledger Dispatch launched their augmented reality app and platform to bring their newspaper to life. Real Estate ads now play the virtual tour of the home, link to the advertisers website, phone, email, Twitter and LinkedIn. Automotive advertising shows a video of the car lot, tours cars, service repair shop. Movie listing in print now play the movie trailer, give you the rating, the Rotten Tomato score, a link to online reviews, click a button and purchase tickets. Business cards are turned into small video screens to play a message while linking to their website, phone, email, Twitter, LinkedIn. Native advertising and reverse naked native advertising — hold your phone over a story, it takes you to the ad and offer. Hold your phone over the advertisement, and your phone takes you to the feature story on that business. Political ads now have the video message. Concerts, events and dinner reservations — we can play the music video, have you listen to a song, purchase tickets to the event and yeah, make dinner reservations. Stories can be played and read to the user in English or any other language they prefer. An audio multi-lingual AR experience. The Ledger Dispatch weekly TV Guide plays videos of all the shows featured, links you to their official sites and lists times when the show will be on the air. The Amador County Fair Guide was completely interactive, showcasing all the bands, even teaching you how to make a corndog like you had at the Fair. In December, a giving guide allowed users to donate to their favorite charities by scanning the nonprofit ads and stories. We not only tell you the headlines from ten years ago in our Decades of Dispatch — the user scans the picture and gets the entire edition.

Results for this campaign

Revenue was up 30 percent for the year at the Ledger Dispatch. Key revenue categories that had long left, or minimized spending, came back — most notably Real Estate and Automotive verticals. Nonprofits saw a 51 percent increase in donations. The only difference from last year to this year — an augmented reality (AR) special section published in the newspaper. Now when we publish the story on that amazing touchdown, we also let you watch that touchdown. Last minute buzzer-beater on the court — read the story, watch the video, buy the booster club gear — ALL from your printed newspaper. The Jackson Junior High School started the first augmented newspaper at a K-12 grade school. New advertisers, like the golf course — hold your phone over the icon that shows the hole and watch a drone flyover of each hole. At the golf course, scan the yardage marker and watch the drone flyover, but also set your next tee-time and order food and drinks. We didn't stop with our newspaper, we now white label the platform and app to newspapers across the country. And, they are seeing the same revenue results. We currently have newspapers in Georgia, Pennsylvania. New Mexico, Utah, Texas, South Dakota, Wyoming California, and Missouri active. The newspaper is more relevant, and stronger than ever. We've added video, audio, website, email, phone, e-commerce to the revenue streams of the traditional newspaper. In our July 3rd edition, scan the masthead and a 3D fireworks show shoots off the page. Which is fitting, as we are celebrating our AR newspaper. We are the future of newspaper. Exclusive content drives readers to wonder what will appear behind each photo. What will they find in each advertisement? It's entertainment, it's deeper content, it's Harry Potter magic — and it is a revenue machine.


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