Aftenposten Print 2.0: Modernizing Newspaper by Looking Back to 1860
2019 Finalist

Aftenposten Print 2.0: Modernizing Newspaper by Looking Back to 1860


Oslo, Norway

Category Best Idea to Encourage Print Readership or Engagement

Overview of this campaign

We live in confusing times, exposed to big amount of information and deliberate spread of misinformation, fake news. This is referred to as a societal problem. We asked ourselves how we could keep our brand and printed paper relevant in an age of enormous competition in all channels. We wanted to encourage our readers more and highlight our strong journalistic and fact-based tradition. 

We wanted to create a modern-day version of the core of our brand and create a better newspaper experience to encourage the print readership.  

We had some objectives when we started the journey: 

 1. Improve our branding on the front page by reintroducing our original logo. 

 2. Use a modern type with a higher contrast and improved readability.

 3. Introducing better infographics that would give the reader more facts, background and analysis. 

 4. Stronger and fewer visuals. 

5. Using same colour system in digital and print which would give a more holistic and modern profile. 

6. Using more range and dynamics through the newspaper.

7. Introducing more levels within stories, like fact-boxes, maps, quotes.  

Results for this campaign

We have had great user feedback. “The new layout is successful - airy, easier to read and clear.” is the overall message posted by many positive readers. We have already been represented as a selected case in the conference of the acknowledged Society for News Design (SND) in Amsterdam november 2018. The new design is also constructed in a way that has made newspaper-production more streamlined and efficient. And the modernized design and production process are rigging us for growth and improvements moving forward. 



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