Gone But Not Forgotten. The Search Continues
2019 Finalist

Gone But Not Forgotten. The Search Continues


Zagreb, Croatia

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Overview of this campaign

In 1991 Croatia was a warfront, fighting for the independence. While the battle is over, the families still carry the pain of not knowing the fate of their husbands, brothers, and sons.

There are over 1922 of people gone missing in the war.
The people have long forgotten about them.
But their families didn’t.
We didn’t either.

Every one of them has a story and the hardest stories are those that remain unfinished. As Croatia’s number one media, we constantly fight for the rights of the common man, raising awareness about important social issues, without compromise. With this campaign, we wanted to raise the nation’s awareness of the people gone missing during the Homeland war by telling their stories and giving their families a sense of closure.

We decided to become the voice of the Gone.

The project started on the 25th anniversary of the fall of Vukovar, the Croatian heroic town. It was broadcasted every Sunday on all 24sata platforms, video, print, and web. A 5-minute documentary on YouTube, a special Facebook video, special articles on the web and print edition marked the beginning of our search for the Gone. Each episode was an emotional and heartbreaking story encompassing the destiny of one missing person through their last photos, places they were last seen, stories, emotions and hopes of their loved ones.

Every story different and yet the same.

Since the day one the Gone series was under the high patronage of the President of Croatia. After a year, touching stories and photos of Gone families were published in the book “The Gone” with all the materials and evidence collected thus far.

But in 2018, it was time to make our search much bigger.

Results for this campaign

Two missing persons found after our stories and 11 more in 2019 due to MPA efforts.
2.500.000 video views, 2.000.000 pageviews and 16 years spent on content.

In 2018, we extended our search and dedicated August 30, the International Day of Missing Persons, to the Gone. The black silhouette became the symbol of the Gone, representing the person who was violently taken away from his family.

All 24sata’s platforms (print, web, social, newsletter) were special editions with a black silhouette on every photo. For a day, the Facebook profile picture of thousands of Croatians and over a hundred influential people from all spheres of society, from political figures to athletes, artists and retired generals, has disappeared in support of our search. The Associations of families of detained and missing persons organized a press conference with the highest ranked politicians who gave support to the Gone. All our activities led to one place. The digital Weeping Wall of the Gone, with personal photographs, videos, stories.

We made a follow up on a memorial day of the Vukovar's fall, as the reminder that our search is still going strong. On that day, print edition of 24sata was published without images, to symbolize how lives of the Gone families are empty without their loved ones. It was accompanied with touching messages from the Gones' families on covers of all online articles, Facebook and Twitter posts. We used guerrilla marketing in the biggest cities to mark public places with black silhouettes and prints of the Gone. Our search has awakened Croatia and raised awareness about the Gone, who becamo an important national topic across all media channels.

The MPA continues to check information received from people who know something about the Gone. The most important result, we found two missing persons after publishing their stories, while 11 more were found in 2019 due to MPA efforts.

Our search continues... 


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