The Advertiser´s Delicious 100
2019 Finalist

The Advertiser´s Delicious 100

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Adelaide, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

The Advertiser’s delicious100 set out to transform our food guide content, which had previously been published primarily in book format, into a super-functional, indispensable resource that worked across all digital platforms.

A project team was established to look at dining guides around the world, assess what worked and what didn’t, and then make decisions on the design, features and commercial model that best suited the South Australian public – both existing readers and new customers.

We decided to take a leap in making the content digital-only in a bid to increase premium subscriptions to The Advertiser’s website – and it paid off.

The delicious100 presents readers with the state’s top 100 restaurants, ranked for the very first time from one to 100. Created in The Advertiser’s newsroom using entirely our own resources – from the reviews themselves, to the artwork and digital production – the guide includes deep-dive filters, allowing users to find the restaurants that best suit their needs.

 The guide sorts the top eateries by cuisine, price, region and vibe – or lets readers select vegan or vegetarian-friendly spots with the click of a button. It also focuses on a mobile-first mentality, with a special map view that allowed readers to filter top restaurants “near me now”. Diners can also save a bucket-list of favourite venues to tick off over time.

 The guide piggybacked on the strength of the national delicious100 brand to engage more readers than ever before, whether they came to the content via our website, in-paper pointers or from one of our many social channels. It was also supported by a comprehensive campaign of editorial features, published in a variety of print sections as well as in digital form, particularly The Advertiser Food Awards, a prestigious recognition of industry achievement that was timed to flow seamlessly into the launch of the guide.

Results for this campaign

The success of The Advertiser’s delicious100 food guide proves that people will pay for content that is useful to them – especially when it is presented in a clean, easy-to-use format.

Delicious100 is a prime example of self-funded journalism. With a budget of $15,000 to fund the guide’s food reviews, the project has generated more than 40 subscriptions since it launched in November 2018. This equates to more than $20,000 in revenue, the guide more than paying for itself. The content was not only popular with existing subscribers – generating 34,000 page views within its first three days – but has also proved to be a successful subscription retention tool, with 91 per cent of new subscribers still engaged now. Our average across the site is 67 per cent.

The Advertiser’s delicious100 is evergreen content, which we have already re-skinned – and plan to reskin – for summer (best outdoor restaurants), Valentine’s Day (most date-friendly restaurants), Mad March (best festival eats) and winter warmers (best spots to eat when the temperature drops) to ensure the project has longevity and to continue to push subscriptions throughout the year, not just at launch.

To this day, the only way to find out the ranking of the restaurants is through the digital product. While we wrote many in-paper promotional stories to support the delicious100 list, we did not reveal the number one restaurant in print – our newsroom understands our future lies in digital subscriptions and we are truly a “digital first” (and in this case digital only) operation.

The Advertiser’s version of delicious100 – created separately from the rest of News Corp’s delicious100 series – has been so successful it is set to be adopted by the rest of the nation in 2019. 


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