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Feed Me Magazine

Newsday Media Group

Melville, United States

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Overview of this campaign

  • Drive engagement and awareness with our readership who are passionate about food and dining.
  • Retain subscribers by showing exclusive original content that increases customer lifetime value.
  • Create a future single subscription product that has the potential to generate revenue to a segmented audience.
  • Satisfy readers’ interest in expanded local food coverage.
  • To give local food lovers an inside look at Long Island and New York City’s thriving dining scene. 

Results for this campaign

Food Content

Insights from Newsday's Audience Development team prior print content analysis indicated that nearly 7 out of 10 (67%) Newsday subscribers were very interested in reading restaurant Reviews and recipes information.  The newspaper was by far the preferred medium for receiving this information.

Specific to food content in Newsday, more than half (52%) of subscribers read this every time/usually, and more significantly close to one-third (29%) want to see more of this content from Newsday. 

Feed Me Magazine Reader Analysis

Nearly 9 out of 10 (89%) Newsday home delivery subscribers read the premiere issue of Feed Me magazine distributed to home subscribers in 2018 – 61% read all/almost all of the publication.  A significant number of respondents said they, “haven’t finished reading / looking at it yet” or “saving/downloading it for future reference.” 

Overall reaction to the premiere issue was positive with recipients finding the photography appealing, cover image of interest, and articles interesting.  Most importantly, Feed Me magazine is a valuable asset for Newsday subscriber retention – more than one-quarter (29%) of readers agree that receiving this special edition content makes them “more likely” to continue their Newsday subscription.


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