2019 Finalist

Feed Me Brand Promotion

Newsday Media Group

Melville, United States

Category Best Brand Awareness Campaign

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Overview of this campaign

  • Drive engagement and awareness of our food coverage.

Feed Me Top 100

We created targeted marketing campaigns to drive readers to the list of the Feed Me Top 100 Long Island restaurants. The 10-week series included weekly print ads, as well as ads promoting the top 10 restaurants in individual categories. Digital promotional ads appeared on Newsday.com and on social media sites.  

In addition, we produced weekly :30 broadcast commercials broadcast on Optimum networks, and :30 radio commercials that streamed on our media partner Connoisseur Media’s (CM) radio stations and websites. Additionally, we deployed weekly email blasts to our more than 120,000 subscribers.

Consumer Marketing also created restaurant certificates and window stickers available in an online portal so restaurants could display them at their respective establishments, as well as download Feed Me Top 100 logos to share in email lists and social media followers.

Feed Me TV

Consumer Marketing ran print and digital promotions, produced six weekly :15 radio commercials that ran with CM and :15 promotional video commercials that were played on social media sites and television networks. We also designed email blasts promoting each episode with a click-through to our newsday.com/feedmetv landing page.

We developed another unique web portal for restaurants and local businesses to promote their TV appearance and download video clips. By creating a custom unique marketing landing page, Consumer Marketing created endless opportunities to spread the word about the brand.

Feed Me Magazine

Newsday Consumer Marketing designed and promoted the launch of Feed Me magazine to subscribers. Promotions kicked off print ads in Newsday, as well as online ads on Newsday.com and social media sites.

In addition, the Consumer Marketing team produced a :30 broadcast commercial for Optimum and YouTube; and :30 second radio commercials that aired on CM stations.

Results for this campaign

Feed Me Top 100 Restaurants

Newsday’s Top 100 restaurants series has helped to significantly increase engagement among food lovers and local restaurants, raised brand awareness in the marketplace and entice viewers to come back to read.

Our most successful email blast in the campaign reached 122,804 recipients; received an open rate of 16 percent and a click rate of 1.6 percent. According our Adobe Analytics report, on the day of the launch (July 27), we saw page views rise from less than 720 to 12,291 page views in one day.

Feed Me TV

Newsday’s Feed Me TV series has garnered more than 200,000 lifetime views until the end of 2018. As a result of our targeted cross-platform campaigns, Newsday Consumer Marketing has increased views and has raised the bar for food TV promotion in the local market.

Our Feed Me promotional video commercials have a combined total of 1,839,713 impressions; 484,437 full views; and reached a total of 463,150.

Our weekly email blasts were deployed to more than 122,000 subscribers every week for six weeks; and reached a total of 463,150 recipients.

Feed Me TV episodes in season 3 received 73,556 video views (a 43 percent growth year over year) while season 4 totaled 95,336 video views.

Feed Me Magazine

We also reached more than 130,000 subscribers with an email blast that incorporated click-throughs to the online magazine and a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of the magazine. It also helped us create more value for subscribers.


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