The Land of Free Press
2019 Winner

The Land of Free Press


Helsinki, Finland

Category Best Brand Awareness Campaign

Overview of this campaign

Helsingin Sanomat is worried about recent developments in press freedom globally. 

Mr. Trump and Putin are both being followed and copied, and when they are hostile towards media, this has global consequences.

With this campaign, we wanted to fight back, and show our support to colleagues who are being suppressed. We thought our potential and current subscriber would be proud of us in doing what we think is right, even though free press is not a pressing issue in our own market.

To make a difference and really start a conversation on press freedom we targeted at as much attention as possible. Press freedom is like clean air, the big audience only notices it notices when it is gone, unless we talk about it.

Results for this campaign

Media Outputs:

News coverage: Over 2 600 articles in 55 countries, from US to India, and also including Russia, in wide range of media like the CNN, Globo Media and the Economist. This amounting in total to an earned reach of 1.25 billion and 1 million social interactions. 

Target Audience Outcome:

- Campaign impact on brand image (as measured by YouGov brand index) + 33 %

Business Outcomes:

- + 19% yoy-growth in new subscriptions in August


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