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Oslo, Norway

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Overview of this campaign

The game follows the same basics as many other of the Fantasy games on the market, but is the first Norwegian cross-country skiing game that lasts over an entire season. The game already have over 10 000 registered users – a number we expect to rise in the near future.


Dagbladet is heavily involved in cross-country skiing and we cover the field widely.  With Fantaski we wanted to give our readers a new possibility to immerse in our national sport – and pride - cross-country skiing.

Every World Cup weekend has is its own life. One weekend it can only be sprints, but the next weekend it might be Tour de Ski, which last over a longer period of time. That forces the players to take a deeper look into the schedule to make educated decisions on who of the athletes they want in their team. The more you know, the better you will be at Fantaski.

We financed the project partly with money from Swix, that paid for most of the expenses of making the game in exchange for adds on the page. The rest is covered by corporate management. Fantaski has also been through a project called “Aller Debut”, a program that our owners run to give projects like Fantaski an opportunity.

The game is developed by the digital agency Hyper, with help from Dagbladet.  It's built with React and Prisma. Both front- and back-end is splitted.

We are using Fédération Internationale de Ski (FIS) to get the points on all 60 athletes every round. As soon as they have uploaded the official results, we can get the points and calculate how much points every user gets.


Results for this campaign

Fantaski is already a great success with over 10 000 registered users, a number which keeps on rising! We released Fantaski before the second World Cup round in Lillehammer, Norway. In connection with the launch, we published a lot of articles where we introduced the game, gave tips and involved many of the biggest Norwegian star skiers to talk about it.

Fantaski is also embedded into all of Dagbladets cross-country skiing articles.

We have a clear line between editorial articles and articles about Fantaski.  “This is the reason why we discard Weng” or “Norwegian crisis gives a headache” is examples on articles we have made before a world cup round. Our job is to make people interested, but also make sure that the users that already play the game can learn something new.

Our main goal with Fantaski is to give our readers an unique and exiting platform where they can connect with others with the same interest, a platform where they can boast of their knowledge, compete with each other – and last but not least, offer them a break in a hectic everyday life!


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