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2019 Finalist

The School of Life

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

Category Best New Corporate Innovation Initiative

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Overview of this campaign


The 21st century world is arguably the age of Noise - Physical noise, mental noise and noise of desire – powered by technology in an “assault against silence”. Children are addicted to screens. Adults prefer interacting online than offline. Technology penetrates the mind, filling it with a babel of distractions.


Expectedly, society is under the grip of immorality, inequality, corruption, while witnessing a dangerous erosion of trust. We appear to have lost the kindness instinct. Current moral discourse struggles to find a way through the maze. Ethics has been relegated to a dismal science.

Whatever the reasons, we’re uncomfortable with the society we’ve created.


A strong moral compass is the bedrock of society. It’s time to reclaim our values, and create a moral vocabulary for future generations. These values will determine our responses to environmental and social challenges of the 21st century.

Just as we strive to reduce carbon footprint, it’s imperative to improve our emotional footprint. By expressing values most true to our best human instincts, we create a positive emotional footprint, and we improve quality of life for all.

Yes… we have to build a better man before we can build a better society.

Hierocles, the ancient philosopher, said we’re surrounded by concentric circles. The innermost circle of concern surrounds our own self, followed by family, neighbours, fellow city-dwellers, countrymen and, finally, the human race. Moral progress meant moving members of outer circles to the inner ones.

Our campaign attempted to expand the child’s circle of concern, and create practical guidelines to further social cooperation.


-        Create newspaper content that strikes conversations with children to help them develop a moral identity and manage their emotions

-        Set the public agenda on the urgent need to develop a sense of moral reasoning and build key social and emotional competencies

Position Dainik Jagran as a newspaper that steers public towards socially desirable goals

Results for this campaign

It was a multi-sensorial content campaign that blends into the daily lives of millions of children. Therefore, “Total Immersion” was what we aimed at through the following:

- READ: 866 stories of Value -based Editorial content were printed on specific topics like Gender equality, Respecting diversity, Selflessness.
- WATCH: 9 animation films conveyed the story to children. Special screenings in schools done for 4,00,000 children.
- LISTEN : All stories were converted into audio stories
- DEBATE : 812 students participated in 390 debates in 2 weeks across 30 cities - arguably the largest debate ever held in the country on moral dilemmas
- LIVE: 912 school morning assemblies converted to Sanskarshala assemblies where the newspaper stories were read and children enacted the stories. We covered 8,35,395 students
- INSTITUTIONALIZE: Several schools incorporated Sanskarshala content into their curriculum. The stories became comprehension passages in language classes - newspaper content made it to the class notebooks of children
- INSPIRE : 157 children took up Peer-to-peer education projects and relayed the Sanskarshala content to 15,508 underprivileged children
- EXPERTISE: 99,365 children attended 254 workshops and webinars conducted by experts
- CURATE: We created a comic book with the stories. 20,000 comic books were placed in 927 school libraries potentially reaching 1.1mn children.
- PARTNER : School principals brainstormed to finalize Sanskarshala content.

- 1.4mn children participated directly
- Campaign reached 70mn readers of Dainik Jagran.
- Digital Reach of 5.8mn
- Animation Films shared in 914 hyper local Whatsapp groups of students, parents, teachers – potentially triggering a massive chain of views


• Strong Brand Parameters : Dainik Jagran had the highest Brand Awareness, and Satisfaction. It was the most Preferred and Recommended Brand
• Highest on intention to Read – outscoring competition by 1.48X
• Brand Imagery: We scored the highest on parameters of Youthfulness, Trust, Innovativeness, Seriousness, Helping people become better citizens, and the newspaper readers looked forward to.
Source : Brand Research , Dec 2018


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