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Overview of this campaign

It’s been a year since the strategic step was taken to integrate the content of 11 Afrikaans print magazines in digital format (web and pdf) into Netwerk24 - Media24’s paywall news website and home of the Afrikaans newspapers and community newspapers.


Since 1 January ‘18 the premium subscriber base has increased by 54% to 44 017 (Dec ’18) at a single price point of R99 per month. With the inclusion of newspaper print subscribers with access to Netwerk24, we have an active premium subscriber base of 58 368 and this in a market of only 4,9 million*.


In June ‘18 the digital migration continued with the replacement of the daily printed edition of Die Burger Eastern Cape newspaper with a single weekend printed edition and the daily editions only available in digital format. Close to 90% of all print subscribers were retained with around 40% choosing the digital option. This move successfully migrated an older audience - more than 70% were 65+ years old!


The successful migration of these titles required clever integration and close cooperation on many levels - from CMS, front-end, app, paywall integration across multiple sites with single sign-on; to workflow integration across business units and multi-platform marketing efforts.


Subscribers now enjoy a rich content experience that keeps them engaged for much longer. Users spend more than 20 minutes per day in app. Average daily unique browsers in app is also steadily rising and generate more page views than desktop and mobile combined, peaking on 14,9 million page views** (Nov ’18).


With Netwerk24 subscribers literally have everything in one place, from breaking news and expert analysis to all of their favourite magazine content in web and pdf format.


We’ve succeeded in our goal to establish the leading Afrikaans paywall destination, securing digital versions of the print content behind a paywall and building a digital future for Media24’s Afrikaans brands and quality Afrikaans journalism.


*Establishment Survey 2018BA | AMPS 2015AB reweighted to 2016 (Credit Card)

** Narratiive


Results for this campaign

The effect of the integration of magazine content is evident in the growth of unique browsers by 19% to 1.6 million* and a 41% jump in page views to 13,5 million* (Jan ‘18 vs Jan ‘17). The number of sessions per user rose by 12% to 3:02* (Jan ’18 vs Jan ‘17).


Since the addition of the magazine content the premium subscriber base has increased by 41% to 44 017 from Jan to Dec ’18 with the trial to premium conversion rate at 8,6% in January ’18. Netwerk24 also consistently achieves or exceeds the top-end of the Month 1 retention benchmark (97,4% median vs target median of 94%).


The unique browsers of the app – our platform with the most engaged audience – also increased by 26% to 57 264*** (Dec ’18). App page views also increased by 45% to 14,9 million*** (Dec ’18). Frequency is 33.04*** (Dec ’18).


As conversion drivers, magazine content is punching above its weight with e.g. Huisgenoot magazine only contributing 4,8%** to the content pool on Netwerk24 but converting at a rate of 21,7%**. SARIE magazine contributes 1,8%** to the content pool but drove 6,3%** attempted subscriptions. (Jul – Dec ’18)


Netwerk24 continues to outperform the top-end of the penetration benchmarks (the ratio of active digital subscribers to unique browsers for the month) for both digital (3,90% vs 0,55%) as well as digital & print combined (5,17% vs 3,00%)** (Dec ’18).

Churn rate is kept well within global standards and currently sits on an average of 3%**. The paid subscriber base also outperforms the article consumption benchmark figures, with 86,2%** consuming more than 11 articles per month (Dec ‘18).


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** DotModus Insights

*** Narratiive


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