Data Partnerships For B2B Growth
2019 Finalist

Data Partnerships For B2B Growth

Sanoma Media

Helsinki, Finland

Category Best Marketing Solution for an Advertising Client

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Overview of this campaign

Strategic reasoning for the Data Partnerships for Sanoma is to differentiate from Facebook and Google and find an unique angle to provide more value to the advertisers, at the same time when leveraging the strong sales organisation and customer relationships of the Publisher.

For Sanoma Media Finland the objectives were:

  1. Be able to provide advertiser specific audiences
  2. Strenghten partnership with key advertisers
  3. Get more value out of the data investments

For the Advertiser the reasoning is simply to scale up their audiences so that they can use their audience segmentation as basis for all of their digital advertising. In addition to the reach of the segmentation, also the quality of the segmentation is naturally of paramount interest.

  1. Increase reach of the audiences that can be addressed through segmentation
  2. Retain high quality of the segmentation
  3. Learn more about their customers

Results for this campaign

Sanoma started talking about Data Partnerships in mid 2018 and got into talks with the biggest advertiser in Finland. We immediately shared the dream of being able to use segmented audiences as basis of everything for real, and started to work together to make it happen.

What we did was to model Sanoma Media Finland's audience using the golden questions of the segmentation model the customer had. This proved out to be a success.

  1. We massively increased the reach of the audiences addressable through segmentation
  2. Quality of the segmentation was really high, meaning that the users could be profiled right
  3. The advertiser could shift their own way of working to be even more segment driven, i.e. now the campaign materials can be more segment specific as they are able to actually target to those segments in a scalable way
  4. Sanoma was able to tell additional insights about the segments, helping the advertiser to adress the audience in a better way
  5. The activation impact of the segmented audiences was almost 3x better than the benchmarks

What this has meant to Sanoma Media Finland is also fantastic.

  1. We are able to strengthen our dialogue with customers
  2. We are able to be more relevant and stay more competitive towards Facebook and Google
  3. We have really shown that investments in data and people pay off

Additionally, in the times of the GDPR, this approach is simple in the terms of privacy, as we are not transferring user data across companies.

Another unexpected finding was that we turned out to be able to correlate the online data also to our offline medias, meaning that we can take the Data Partnership dialogue also outside digital medias.


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