Effective Video Ads
2019 Finalist

Effective Video Ads


Oslo, Norway

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

Overview of this campaign

A challenge that we are facing, is that the advertisers demand more video inventory. We have only offered prerolls, a 15 sec video before editorial video. Even though we have had annual growth in video views, it is still lack of inventory in the market and some advertisers move their entire investment to YouTube.


In order to retain, and bring back old customers, the objectives were:

-developing new products, with premium context and high completion rate

-the new products giving higher awareness, buying intention, recall and liking for the advertisers

-$200 000 increase in four months


Bumper Ad - 6 second video

VGTV focuses on breaking news, sports, and entertainment. To deliver some of these videos seamless, we developed an autoplay muted product in the VG homepage feed. Viewers want to see their videos instantly, without long breaks beforehand. An editorial video will therefor start instantly, without a commercial.


To make the viewing experience more relevant, we also developed a recommendation engine, that will suggest a new and relevant video for the viewers, after the initial video has finished. If the viewers decide to stay, the 6 second ad plays, and editorial video number two starts after that. 


Outstream video

Outstream video has existed for a while, but has not a creditable position at agencies, at least not for the TV-buyers. We spent four months to test the effects of:

-editing the video to caption the attention the first second

-a bigger video vs a smaller video with a banner underneath (to make the message clearer)

-different banner shapes

-the content in the banner (just logo vs text, logo and/or pack shot)

-video sizes; 1:1, 16:9, 2:3 or 9:16

Results for this campaign

We targeted several customers that we didn’t have, to grow our advertising business such as American Express, DNB, REMA1000 and Pops, and customers that we wanted to retain Orkla (FunLight) Mills and Telenor etc. We invested in product development and high costs in analysis, with Norway’s biggest panel of 40 000 people, to document the effects.


With the new autoplay muted video, we reached new audience and increased our inventory. 25% of those that watch the first editorial video, decided to stay and watch the next. 91% of those that gets exposed to the ad, stays through all 6 seconds. A test with Telenor showed that their awareness increased with 40% with this ad.


For the Outstream product, sceptics are now positive due to testing different videosizes, editing and design, but most importantly, the documentation of the effects:

-Funlight had 38% increased awareness, 26% for Pops

-29% remembered seeing the Funlight ad

-37% considered buying Funlight, 55% for Pops

-22% had buying intensions of Funlight

-21% liked the Funlight ad

-88% increase in awareness for Mills 2:3 ad

-48% thought it’s was clear sender


Just these advertisers have by now increased their spending with $400 000, and we expect to double this in 2019 after great feedback from these customers.


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