Red Clay Media
2019 Finalist

Red Clay Media

Alabama Media Group

Birmingham, United States

Category Best New Concept or Innovation to Create New Profit Centers

Overview of this campaign

Red Clay Media launched in 2017 as a new division of Alabama Media Group focused on producing shareable, social videos and stories through new brands to develop new revenue models. It was launched within a legacy media organization, but operates like a startup. Sales and news leadership collaborated to develop business strategies outside of the media group’s traditional advertising models through partnerships, sponsorships and e-commerce. The team identified and developed new social communities based on years of audience engagement work in the highly experimental newsroom. The three main brands powering Red Clay are:

It's a Southern Thing, a social media brand that celebrates Southern food, places, quirks and people through light-hearted humor and stories that Southerners will say are "so true." The brand is rooted in Southern culture but reaches a national audience through its brand of relatable, family-friendly comedy in its signature show So True, Y’all

This is Alabama, which shares good news about Alabama through storytelling focused on the state's amazing people, places and experiences.

People of Alabama, a social media brand that shares the faces and stories of people from all walks of life who call Alabama home. The photographic series is produced in partnership with Alabama's Bicentennial Commission.  

Results for this campaign

In 2018, Red Clay brands saw incredible growth and social engagement and video numbers comparable to national brands. Their social following increased by 263%. Red Clay brands’ social posts generated 73 million comments, shares or reactions; their videos were viewed more than 1 billion times. Together, Red Clay brands now have more than 3.5 million followers across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. The division is profitable, with revenue coming from branded content, sponsorships and merchandise. In July, It's a Southern Thing had the top global sponsored video.


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