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2019 Finalist

News Native Networks

News Corp

Surry Hills, Australia

Category Innovations and Profit Centers

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Overview of this campaign

In the Australian media landscape most people sing the same refrain; if your product ain't broke / why fix it? But News Native Networks wanted a new tune; why be good / when you can be great?

Being the biggest media company in the country we knew we had an envious foundation product; but how could we scale to achieve the year on year growth required to meet the rising fiscal bar?

We needed to innovate; and began our journey onboarding the business with our vision for transforming not only the product, but the entire commercial framework on which it was built, ultimately creating a new profit centre for News Corp.

The core objectives were as follows:

- Create a market leading premium native product suite to grow demand and lift sales conversion

- Increase inventory capacity to facilitate greater sell through

- Improve monetisation of inventory

- Improve profitability and reduce non commissionable campaign costs

- Remove internal price competition and a race to the bottom

- Effectively remunerate content producing brands within a network model


Results for this campaign

After many months of internal negotiation we launched News Native Network Australia’s largest premium native publishing ecosystem; bringing all of News Corp Australia’s leading digital brands under the one umbrella.  For the first time ever our customers could access a single unified product, that allowed advertisers to leverage the authoring credentials of any brand and amplify across the distribution channel of their choosing.

We restructured over fifteen individual native rate cards into one, all pegged to a campaign cost per view allowing us to remain incredibly competitive whilst growing our bottom line.  We collated inventory across all owned brand channels, optimising and introducing new placements along the way to maximise and expand our capacity.

We revitalised our product suite to include written, video and audio applications supported by cleverly crafted editorial narrative and the visual sass of our designers.  We made it easier for our Sales team to sell by providing deeper insights to rationalise our recommendations and tightened our pitch documentation to bring ideas to life. We then spent months travelling the country onboarding our stakeholders and most importantly taking the product to our customers.

As a result demand rose with the product sold through within four months and for the remainder CY18 while sales conversion rose from 18% to 30% YOY. Our inventory capacity was up 69% YOY delivering better page views and more of them. Monetisation of inventory was up 172% YOY effectively remunerating distributing brands. Finally, native product revenue was up 125% YOY with average spends per campaign up 33% YOY effectively remunerating content producing brands.

Staring down the barrel of 2019 what do our customers think? With more return customers back for their fourth or fifth campaign than ever before we feel the success of the News Native Network product is testament to the twenty plus crew who live and breathe for their clients, the business and our audience.



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