Groupon Coupon Holiday Challenge
2019 Winner

Groupon Coupon Holiday Challenge

Chicago Tribune

Chicago, United States

Category Best Execution of Native Advertising

Overview of this campaign

Our goal was to increase awareness of the breadth of Groupon’s offerings, especially their coupons (different from vouchers) — that began in late summer and ended with an emphasis on holiday shopping.

This multifaceted campaign began with the creation of a custom article that followed two couples on their exciting $1000 day in Chicago, saving nearly $300 by using a variety of Groupon offerings: vouchers, Groupon+ and coupons. We also conceived and executed three custom-built interactive infographics to live on Each with a different topic, these interactive infographics focused on daily savings, surprising gifts you can get through Groupon, as well as the most popular gifts by region. All pieces required research and creativity from our team, plus a bit of mathematics and animation to engage the readers in a click-and-reveal experience. Additionally, each piece of content was featured on the Chicago Tribune’s Facebook page as a paid post in order to reach a greater audience.

We also upped the ante by creating social excitement around taking the #GrouponCouponChallenge. We enlisted the help of 11 influencers with a combined reach of over a million followers who took the challenge, shared our original article, and wrote about their (all positive) personal experiences with the challenge, engaging their followers to do the same. This influencer-generated content included custom blog posts, Instagram posts and Instagram story frames. 

Results for this campaign

Overall, the campaign results were impressive, as evidenced by client feedback, the time spent on content, CTR and social follower engagements. In addition, the social engagement responses from followers were overwhelmingly positive toward the Groupon brand.

Native campaign highlights:
- Avg. time spent on all content living on was 1 minute, 51 seconds. This shows that the readers were extremely engaged and interacting with the various elements of each piece of content.
- The campaign as a whole had a combined CTR of .39%.
- We executed two Facebook paid posts that resulted in over 15,000 clicks back to the custom content.

Social influencer campaign highlights:
- Combined Instagram social influencer follow reach was 1,447,800.
- A total 17,267 social engagements.
- A total 122,436 Instagram story impressions (Instagram story views). 


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