2019 Finalist
Mendocinos on Alert

Mendocinos on Alert

Diario Los Andes

Mendoza, Argentina

Category Best Use of Mobile

Overview of this campaign

*Active and respectful citizen participation,

*Relevant information from the citizen (criminal facts, help requests or solidarity, warnings, lost animals, etc),

*Direct and personal comunication with this media and with community managers or social network team.

Results for this campaign

*Recognized by Facebook Argentina as one of the groups with greater daily interaction in Argentina,

*42.200 members, 

*1400 members rejected for not complying with the norms of coexistence,

*409 people blocked for not respecting the rules of coexistence,

*13.381 post made by members in 2018,

*760.038 reactions made by members in 2018,

*Monday and Saturday are days with much activity at group,

*A section in the newspaper called 'Mendocinos en Alerta' is created due to the demand for news.

*10 members decided to collaborate with the moderation of the group.


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