Tele2 End-Up
2019 Winner

Tele2 End-Up

Bonnier News Brand Studio

Stockholm, Sweden

Category Best Execution of Native Advertising

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Overview of this campaign

Only one out of ten start-ups survive long term. Often, the problem for failing companies is too much focus on the business idea, instead of basics and essential functions. In 2018 the Swedish telecom company Tele2 wanted to show their capacity to serve both small and big businesses. They needed a concept that broke the image of them as a stereotype, price-pressing mobile operator. In short: a reliable solution and a new storytelling voice – broad enough to attract businesses in general.

 Together with Tele2 and their agencies Mediacom (media), Prime (PR) and Åkestam Holst (advertising) we created the world’s first End-Up – a start-up in reverse. We presented a concept – where Tele2s offer was valuable without being explained in detail. An ideal company and office located in central Stockholm was built, with everything from ergonomic furniture, wholesome policy, financial recourses, eco coffee and the latest tech solutions from Tele2 – but lacking a business idea. From there, we created a fully integrated campaign about the different parts of the End-Up and the competition.

Bonnier News Brand Studio produced a tv-series with two seasons, distributed on Expressen, Dagens industri, Di Digital and Dagens Nyheter. We built a content-hub to harbour the episodes and native articles and optimized it through our custom-made measurement methods. We also produced tv-content for Tele2's own channels, display ads and manuscript for their participation in Di-podcasts. The tv-series was led by the well-reputed host Måns Nilsson, who traveled around Sweden with a team to meet jury members, experts and hunt down the perfect business idea. The winner of the End-Up was Max Mohammadi and his idea Heartstrings: technology that detects heart defects in an early stage. Tele2 provided the winner with all administration necessary so that he could focus on showing his business to the world. In the follow-up season, the audience got to see how things went for Max’s business and how Tele2 helped him optimize it.

Results for this campaign

We analyzed how users perceived Tele2 through our brand survey. Of participants (who had seen the campaign) 65% thought Tele2 offered good solutions and 71% that they had the expertise to help businesses, compared to 34% and 37% (who hadn’t seen the campaign) among other great results. Tele2 managed to convince that IT and telecom are vital parts of a company’s ecosystem, and they: a powerful partner.

The page views during the campaign were 46% over set goal, and the average time spent on all titles was also beyond expectations. The started streams on all titles over-delivered, as well as the view through rate. The market listened to Tele2’s message and the total observation of the campaign was 45% (IT and telecom decision-makers), where the campaigns main KPI was exceeded with 66% (actual attribute-index increase = +33%, goal 20%). Finally, the goal for competition entries was crushed with 330% – a clear way of describing the huge interest for End-Up.

The campaign broke all set records and got a lot of earned media attention. Tele2 strengthened their market position, far over their goal, and grew as a potential choice for companies. Truly, a success for Tele2 who operates the quite static market: IT and telecom for businesses.

2018 Tele2 End-Up won 100-wattaren, an initiative that rewards innovative communications solutions, in the category Business Campaign.


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