True Crime Australia
2019 Finalist

True Crime Australia

News Corp

Surry Hills, Australia

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Overview of this campaign

Our newly implemented proprietary newsroom analytics tool, called Verity, combines data science and visualisation to identify content opportunities to grow audience, subscription acquisition and engagement.

Verity highlighted crime as a high-value content category, delivering superior audience and conversion performance.  Yet crime was underrepresented in the content mix.  Focusing on the creation and promotion of true crime content would attract new subscribers and engage existing subscribers. 

In July 2018 True Crime Australia (TCA) launched on Metropolitan mastheads. TCA is included as part of a masthead subscription, adding TCA to the nation’s best news, sport and entertainment subscription.

TCA is a collection of compelling long-form crime reads with embedded videos, in-depth analysis, book extracts, podcasts and archival material.  This captivating content tells stories of crimes and criminals that shocked our nation from convicts to present day.

The launch was supported with an integrated marketing campaign with the following campaign objectives and KPIs:

  • Drive traffic to the site: 800K page views during the campaign period
  • Subscription acquisition: +100% increase in new subscriptions from crime content
  • Subscriber engagement: 240,000 page views or 30% of audience

The creative strategy leveraged the mood of the content, adopting a dark visual identity and tone.  The value of our journalism was articulated in the campaign line of “we go behind the police tape”.

The media strategy reflected the campaign objectives:

  • Awareness and traffic was achieved with a combination of editorial and marketing promotion in house print and digital media.  External display, video, SEM, social, PR, outdoor advertising, live and catch up TV were used to attract new audiences. 
  • Digital display, SEM and social retargeting were used to convert audiences into subscribers. 
  • Subscriber engagement was an important part of the strategy with onsite promotion, editorial newsletters and marketing eDMs used to communicate this new part of the content proposition. 

Results for this campaign

The True Crime Australia (TCA) launch was a runaway success.  The investment in New Corp’s network of award-winning crime writers and the supporting marketing campaign have paid dividends.

The media results and campaign  surpassed expectations, performing well above industry averages, validating the appeal of the message and content:

  •  TV and OOH delivered significant reach in the target audience, with respective reach of 32.8% and 19.4%. PR activity made a significant contribution to reaching new audiences with 128 media hits and over $3 million in earned media
  • Digital activity delivered more than 13 million impressions and attracted 248k visitors to the site.  Social proved to be a successful channel for engaging and driving traffic, with Facebook resulting in a click through rate of 9.88%, which is over 3x the industry benchmark.

The campaign results exceeded targets:

  • Traffic: TCA received over a million page views during the campaign period, 125% versus the campaign target.  This content continues to attract new audiences and deliver significant weekly page views
  • Acquisition: +272% increase in new subscriptions from crime content versus a target of +100%.  The conversion rate of TCA is double other content on the masthead sites, demonstrating the strong appeal of this genre 
  • Subscriber engagement: 485,000 page views, which is more than double the campaign target of 240,000 subscriber page views.  This engagement makes a significant contribution to subscriber retention as both page views and content diversity are key behaviours that contribute to retention.

True Crime Australia continues to receive significant editorial and marketing focus and support.   This content delivers a consistent stream of incremental traffic, new subscription acquisitions and existing subscriber engagement.  The insight from our content analytics tool, Verity, has been validated in the success of TCA and will continue to provide opportunities to accelerate subscriber growth.


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