Nueva Mujer
2019 Finalist

Nueva Mujer

Metro LatAm

Santiago, Chile

Category Data and Research

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Overview of this campaign

The explosive growth of 2016 made Nueva Mujer profitable in just few months after launch concluded as one of the main product of the company. This success brought more investment, increasing newsroom size and commercial teams.

One year later, by January 2018 Nueva Mujer had a flat grow of users of 4.8% in a year with a slight trend of decrease. At that moment 62% of the traffic were coming from Facebook as main source, about 2.3 millions out of 3.7 millions of monthly users.

Even though the slight increase of traffic, in terms of revenue a 22% of decrease on that period and the RVM (revenue per 1000 page views indicator) decrease from $6.40 to $3.77.

Considering those facts, Nueva Mujer on the flat zone over a year, the sharp drop in revenue and the strong dependency on Facebook as main traffic source meanwhile the algorithm updates of the platform was already bringing even less page views per interaction, OneMetro’s Data team developed a new strategy that will allow it to achieve.

  • Stop depending on Facebook as main traffic source, as well as prevent the fall from Facebook algorithm updates that affected the whole industry.

  • Strength other traffic sources specifically focus on Organic traffic with a strong SEO positioning and build a brand strategy to drive traffic from Direct source.

  • Increase on traffic keeping the RVP indicator.

  • Implement OneMetro’s Data Driven Content strategy.

Results for this campaign

The team focused on implement the Data Driven Content strategy to achieve as consequence the objectives set above.

This strategy has three main pillars.

  1. Long Tail SEO: +70% of the total searches, the less competitive field in terms of production and the most efficient on the long term.

  2. Data Drivers: Discovering data drivers from OneMetro products and competitors to identify patterns of topics highly searched and consumed.

  3. Trending: Focus on the top 10k keywords searched to produce content based on trends concepts.

It was implemented on February 2018 by incorporating a whole new newsroom in Venezuela of 4 journalists dedicated exclusively to create and curate content under this methodology, after 3 months of successful growth, the team increase to 10 journalists.

The results of the strategy implementation turned out a success result by December 2018 achieving the following objectives:

  • Traffic increase on users by 16.94% from 3.7M to 4.4M.

  • Traffic increase on page views by 99.13% from 9.4M to 18.8M.

  • Social users decreased 26.83% from 2.5 millions to 1.9 millions, it also turned on the second source of traffic representing 24% of the total.

  • Organic users increased 388% from 564k to 2.8M of users turning as the main traffic source.

  • Direct users also increased by 166% from 292k to 778k of users.

  • Revenue increased 93.73% as rhythm of page views grow and the RVP kept around $3.70 USD on average. 


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