Vol.at - Ländlepunkte
2019 Finalist

Vol.at - Ländlepunkte

Russmedia Digital

Schwarzach, Austria

Category New Technologies

Overview of this campaign

Collecting points is great fun, and there´s even more to be had in the reward shop, where the Ländlepunkte gained can be redeemed for non-cash prizes, wellness vouchers or concert tickets. Millions of points have already been collected - and redeemed.

The development of new products and ongoing innovation are the secrets of VOL.AT´s success. “Gamification for News” is the new buzz word, whereby users are retained on the site, data collected and future sources of income generated - in the form of membership models.

What inspires users to log in to a free news portal? Fun and attractive prices! These Ländlepunkte are a new creation and our “commitment motor”, ensuring that users get to know VOL.AT in a playful way and retaining them on the platform at the same time, by having to register. Anonymous readers are transformed into users interacting with VOL.AT - the community and sense of belonging expands, and they´re more willing to pay for content.


Results for this campaign

(Status: 7th of January 2019) 410,975,018 points have been collected to date - 801,214 of these points were redeemed for 498 rewards. Users participated 10,493 times in the competitions held as part of the Ländlepunkte campaign.

#1 level of logged in users: Despite there being a million users per month on VOL.AT, with a high percentage of loyal readers true to the brand, the number of daily logins was in the single-digit range before Ländlepunkte were launched. The test phase begun in May 2018 in app format was a massive success, with up to 50 new accounts being registered daily - also the app downloads, which rose from an average of 29.8 to 57.1 daily. The desktop and mobile web versions were launched in August 2018, prompting soaring new registrations, rising to more than 200 daily in November. We gained 10,000 new and active profiles within the space of a few weeks. In the meantime, approx. 3,300 users are logged in daily, using the points and rewards system.

#2 loyalty counts: Ländlepunkte increased the average session duration from around three to four minutes to six to almost nine minutes, whereas the session time of a control group - who were not informed about points - remained steady at a lower level. The number of visits rose from an average 78,989 daily before the launch to 85,094; page impressions rose from an average 348,628 daily to 402,864.

#3 emotion beats money: 5 per cent of the Ländlepunkte are redeemed for sports events, 11 per cent for wellness offers and 19 per cent for tickets. Most points - a huge 65 per cent - were used to purchase our company´s products. These include tours, VOL.AT umbrellas and mugs or a digital newspaper subscription.


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