2019 Finalist

Content Single Score

Editora Globo

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Category Best Idea to Grow Digital Readership or Engagement

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Overview of this campaign

It’s anecdotal the aversion that journalists have towards numbers. But in the digital world, where one can easily track every aspect of the content’s performance, newsroom professionals are being urged to catch up with not only audience numbers but also bounce rate, engaged time, subscription conversion among others.

Keeping up with the metrics is particularly important to evaluate what we are publishing and to refine what kind of content we produce. If we produce less of what does not interest the general audience and our subscribers, we could invest more time making content that could both increase the numbers of new subscribers and improve the engagement of the ones who are already our clients.

And in order to help the newsroom to win this challenge, we developed a single score crunching several numbers: 1) general audience; 2) subscriber audience; 3) selling contribution (if the content was read by the new subscriber in the 30-day-period before her/his decision to buy). The content performance in each aspect was then classified from 1 (among the 25% worst performances considering all the published content) to 4 (above 75% best performances). Each article could have a score 3 to 12 - then simplified to the scale 1 to 10.

The work of the audience team was then shared with the journalists, who studied the bottom and top performers to better inform our future production. The metrics team has also used NLP to analyze each entities had better performances to share with the newsroom which topic should be covered more closely considering our readers interests.



Results for this campaign

Since the implementation of the single metric, we diminished the number of articles published per month by 7.6 thousand in the first semester of 2018 to 6 thousand in November. We also increased the average audience per article from 9.2 thousand pageviews to 12.1 thousand pageviews in the same period.

Increasing the quality of our content has also increased the number of new subscriptions: from 2690 in 2017 to 4395 per month in 2018 (+63%). This represented an increase of 38% of the number of digital subscribers.

There was also impact in the engagement of the subscribers. It is widely known that one of the main reasons to cancel a subscription is non use of the service, thus increasing the number of subscribers' pageviews from 2,2 millions during the first semester to 3,2 millions in November is linked to a decrease in the churn rate.

Even with more new subscribers – a public traditionally with a higher churning rate (since he/she has not developed the habit of reading O GLOBO yet) –, our rates went from 3,5% in 2017 to 3,1% in the end of 2018.



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