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Overview of this campaign

We are the industry body for news media publishers in Australia.  A key part of our role is to promote the benefits, and enhance the image of, news media to advertisers.   


Our brief was to provide our publishers’ commercial teams with a demonstrable point of difference to other media that could inform discussion on the inherent benefits of news media.   


We conducted research that highlighted the importance of trust for marketers.  When we looked at media the key finding was a direct correlation between content trust and ad trust, and that newspapers were the most trusted for content and ads. News websites were found to be the most trusted digital platforms, while Social Media was the least trusted on all measures.  


The challenge was to maximise exposure of our research study. We decided to create a big, high-impact campaign that used those same strengths that we had identified to help enhance the image of news media. 


The central message:   

They say the company you keep defines you. ? 
So, if you surround yourself with the truth, you in turn will be trusted 

As Australia’s most trusted news media, 

We’re the ideal place for brands to be seen and believed. 

The truth builds trust 


Our ad messaging was 100% delivered on our member platforms across print and digital, allowing us to focus on their quality editorial environments. 


From the creative agency: “What sets news media brands apart from other forms of media is their journalism. We wanted to ensure advertisers understand that it’s being seen within this context that is extremely important for brands.” 

Copy lines included: 

  • It’s what’s on the other page that makes this one so valuable 
  • Surround your brand with articles your customers trust 
  • It’s the content around it that makes this space so powerful 

Ads pointed to which revealed the results of our ADTrust research. 

Results for this campaign

Our member organisations gave us unanimous support (a challenge in itself) for the campaign and we secured commitment from them to support the campaign with media space across print and digital assets.


In Week 1 we launched with a cover wrap in The West Australianusing the copy, “It’s everything from here…” on the front page. “…to here, that makes this ad so powerful” on the back page as well as front-page executions across major national and metro mastheads.  


This was followed with activity across all associated digital sites as well as major regional and community mastheads.  All activity pointed to the housed the findings of our AdTrust research.


As an industry body we do not have our own inventory to sell.  Our role is to help open doors for the commercial teams of our members by creating conversation about news media.  


Did the campaign work?   Yes, all metrics have been very positive.  


Our AdTrust has become a key point in major sales pitches for our members commercial teams.   


They have asked us to fast track the next stage of the campaign resulting in funding for the next wave to launch in 2019. 


Press coverage for the campaign was extensive.  At launch, we used a mix of one-on-one briefings from our CEO and press releases to generate significant coverage of the research across key trade titles and news media.  


We followed up with briefing on campaign performance, briefing on the end of the campaign and an announcement that we were launching another research wave in 2019.  Each of these were equally as successful at getting coverage and driving further awareness of the research.


Importantly, we saw significant traffic driven from the campaign to our website UVs reaching 57,380 during the campaign (compared to average traffic of 12,133 in prior period), a huge increase in exposure for our research over what we could have achieved using a traditional approach.



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