ATL House
2019 Finalist

ATL House

Grupo RBS

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Category Best Launch of A Brand Or Product To Create an Audience Segment

Overview of this campaign

The ATL House concept is based on three main topics: humor, music, and the geek universe. The launch of ATL House aimed to bring the public closer to the brand and the communicators of Atlântida radio. The project had the objective of returning home operators and the frequency of the public in the place.


Results for this campaign

With only 6 months of existence, ATL House has already received more than 100 thousand people. In addition, two heavyweight brands are master sponsors of the space since it opened, and each generate commercial revenue of over 1 million BRL. And negotiations with other national and regional clients are active and frequent. Therefore, the work team created for commercial planning is always customizing and presenting new sales plans for possible new partners.


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