Regional and National High School Quiz
2019 Winner

Regional and National High School Quiz

Independent Media

Durban, South Africa

Category Events

Overview of this campaign

1). Engage with future audience with both physical and digital media brands

2). Equip new audience with enriched content and access to our brands

3). Engage with audience on a live event and provide experience for the targeted youth audience

4). Attract new revenue streams from a non-print / traditional perspective

5). Provide solution for commercial partners to engage with their taregted audiences, which our event provided them

6). Grow reach of the media brand

7). Create enviornment for teenagers to compete against each other with no barriers to entry (no gender biased, or priviledge)

8). Keep young generation engaged in current affairs and informed about world

9). Event creates future opportunities to extract new revenues (eg. Micro site advertising inventory)

10). Event enables Media house to build communities, which become easier to target and engage

11). Event bring established news brand to life with a new young audience

12). Target community with additional information about the news brands and our other platforms

13). Event to try create by-product platforms that can be used to build new revenue models


Results for this campaign

1). Engagement with over 260 schools across 4 provinces

2). Over 26,000 copies of our news brands delivered to schools

3). Video engagements of 126,000 views

4). New non traditional non print revenues in the form of sponsorships

5). Achieved profitable event

6). Achieved sponsors strategic objectives with their targeted audiences

7). Crowned the first ever South African National Schools Champion

8). Event created excitement and energy from our established news brands

9). Youth enriched with our news brands content

10). Created an enviornment that schools could compete against each other on a non traditional sports field.

11). Event enaabled schools to proudly announcement themselves as the Daily News Schools Champions (ie. Using our regional news brands)

12). Event created a social media platform for schools to engage with, to challenge other schools to compete against them, and to create a platform to celebrate their success.

13). Event achieved every objective we set out to achieved. 

14). The JSE listed holding company of our sponsorship partner, has written Independent Media a letter of endorsement and thanks for the incredible success the Event has provided their brand, and a mechanism to engage with their targeted audience.

15). The Live event attracted sponsorship investment from our Partner, and additionally they provided further support in the form of prizes, bursaries, staff and venues. The investment over R2 million, enabled us to return a healthy profit after all operational expenses were accounted for.



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