Bloomberg´s Tic Toc Reimagines Video News
2019 Finalist

Bloomberg´s Tic Toc Reimagines Video News

Bloomberg Media

New York, United States

Category Best Use of Video

Overview of this campaign

TicToc by Bloomberg represents the future of video news for the next generation of consumers. A global news network built natively for the social, mobile world, TicToc completely reimagines video news for a generation of consumers who tend to engage with news while on the move, dip in and out whenever they want, mirroring the way they consume social content.


To meet the needs of changing consumption habits, TicToc’s primary output is short, social news videos under a minute long. TicToc video news segments are designed to maximize mobile screen space, showing what’s happening through data, text, images and video. News is delivered in a way that can be experienced with or without sound. Every second is crafted with intention to provide "nutrient rich" information on the day's most important stories.


Its current content portfolio includes live coverage and breaking news – live streaming scheduled events and breaking news; global news updates on the latest stories; and original reporting on current trending news topics. These topics include general news, business, technology, sports, luxury, entertainment and culture. Beyond its general news video produced and published 24/7, TicToc also provides more in-depth analysis with TicToc Signatures, which run up to 2 minutes. These are slightly longer clips designed to dissect issues on broader news topics with more insights. Such Signatures include "She Roars," "How I Work," and "Unpacked."



Results for this campaign

TicToc has grown considerably through 2018, and currently boasts over 570,000 followers on
Twitter. WIthin the first month of launch, TicToc had nearly 1 million average daily views with the goal of reaching 2 million later in the year. It met its goal in mid-2018 and now has over 2.5 million average daily views, 1.5 million average daily viewers. TicToc also saw the most engagement in social actions (likes, replies and retweets) in December 2018, a 59% increase from the month prior.



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