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Their planet

Their planet


Stockholm, Sweden

Category Best Idea to Grow Digital Readership or Engagement

Overview of this campaign

The Guardians former editor-in-chief Alan Rusbridger has described global warming as “the biggest story in the world”. However, the nature of the issue is challenging for storytellers. It is a disaster in slow motion, often lacking dramatic events or photo ops. We are flooded by alarmistic reports from researchers, but media outlets have struggled to give them life.

Therefore, we need to develop new ways of telling this story – and inject human life. First, we chose to focus on the children.

Because it's not our generation that will be the most affected by climate change, it is our children that will pay for our current lifestyle and choices. Photographer Magnus Wennman and reporter Erik Wiman travelled all over the world and at each place, New York, California, Bangladesh and Sweden, they took  a picture of the environment – environments that may not be here within a few decades – that they projected directly on a newborn child's body.

Second, we built a brand new technical platform, that allowed us to highlight our content, mainly video, text and photographs.

Results for this campaign

The result is a series of portraits and stories that have reached, and deeply touched, hundreds of thousands of Swedes. Magnus Wennman and Erik Wiman even managed to find a newborn baby on a remote island in Bangladesh. The island will be unliveable in the future, because of climate change, and the baby, yet unnamed at the time, is one of the individuals we know for sure will see her opportunities limited because of climate change. Aftonbladet tried to find the very persons most affected in the future by what we are doing today. In every chapter of the story that was accomplished, resulting in urgent reporting with a devastating promise of what’s to come for our children.  

The Swedish articles has attracted more than 750 000 unique visitors and 4 000 Facebook interactions. Since the reception has been astonishing, we have decided to extend and expand the series in 2019.

See all of the articles and the photography here: https://special.aftonbladet.se/deras-planet/


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