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Overview of this campaign

Founded in 1919, the Guardian Weekly newspaper provided a roundup of the Guardian’s news to readers around the world. The growth of broadcast and later online news changed the focus of the Weekly, but it remained an important, profit-making part of the Guardian. But could it do more?

This was the key question posed when we relaunched in October. Others included: is it possible to create a dynamic print-news product in 2018? Can you make a new print product that’s attractive to younger readers and as a complement to the Guardian’s web-first strategy?

We think we have proved the answer to those questions is a clear “yes”.

The Weekly still fulfils its role as a weekly news summary but, acknowledging that most readers get news online, we have made the magazine both a précis of the week’s events and a title which remains fresh on the newsstand.

The new Global Report section provides an overview of the week’s headlines, plus an in-focus look at the biggest topic of the week. We then collate some of the best news features and analysis from our editorial teams around the world, followed by an edit of the best of the week’s feature, culture and opinion writing.

The effect is to create a single publication that combines a briefing on key topics of the day as well as another home for longer articles, which otherwise may become lost in the churn of the daily press.

Working with our teams in North America and Australia, we also produce two extra editions with additional news from those regions.

The Weekly designers have created a flexible magazine, which can be compiled by the small team of six but also includes covers and features spreads that showcase the beauty and power of print.


Results for this campaign


With minimal external marketing, the new Weekly has already grown our subscriber base by at least 15% (in addition to 5% annual growth prior to the relaunch). We have also expanded our presence on the global newsstand – supplying 40% more copies than before.

As for younger readers? Well, 53% of our new subscribers are aged 18-44 – with the biggest overall demographic (28%) being 25-34 year olds. These are groups who have either lost – or never had – the habit of buying a daily. But, thanks to the success of the format, and a relationship with the Guardian – they are willing to pay around £150 ($190) a year for a print product.

Editorially, the new magazine allows for expressive and shareable front covers. It has been provided a new print outlet for stories from our teams in the US and Australia which would otherwise have been online-only. Our flexible format allows us to run much, much longer features (6,000 words-plus), alongside snippets of the week's news. 

The new Weekly has given The Guardian a new print presence in markets such as North America, where most Guardian readers only know us as a website. In just a quarter, it has already produced around a 13% increase in profit year-on-year and, with huge expansion planned for 2019/20 - its success looks set to continue and grow.  


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