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2019 Finalist

Telegraph Pulse

The Telegraph

London, United Kingdom

Category Data and Research

Overview of this campaign

Well into its 163rd year, The Telegraph is still hungry for success. Recognising the importance of innovating and adapting in the digital age, it has set an ambitious subscription-first strategy that is supported by registration. One of the cornerstones to this success will be data; operating in a fast-moving industry means that we need real-time information on our content that is tailored to support our journalists and other teams in reaching our goals.

Pulse introduces an important change in how we see and engage with data at The Telegraph. It means that we can collect new information about our products every second and use that to continually hone our strategy.
We started at the centre of our newspaper: the newsroom and content our journalists and editors produce.
The reporting available to the newsroom previously had many flaws; it was difficult to use without knowing how to write complex queries. It was fragmented, with multiple tools providing different answers based on differing, sometimes contradicting metrics. Moreover, in order to understand the holistic view of how our content was performing, analysis and input from the Analytics team was required. Not only was that not the best use of resources but it also created a sense of dissatisfaction and lack of trust in our abilities to provide answers we could trust.

Another argument behind creating Pulse was also the lack of available information on real-time behaviour of our readers and the performance of written content versus our company’s strategic views. The delay between content being published and the newsroom receiving information on its performance also prevented us from responding to data in real-time.

As a Data team, we also believed that The Telegraph needed a way of tracking the progress of its strategic goals in real time. There was no simple method for everyone to see how we were achieving against The Telegraph’s targets for subscriptions and registrations.


Results for this campaign

Pulse is now the newsroom’s central point of reference, providing real-time information on content performance and the realisation of Telegraph’s strategic goals.We created a set of tools available on mobile,desktop and the editorial screens which make our data beautiful,easy to understand and relevant. Pulse connects the whole company with the Telegraph’s subscriptions-first strategy in real-time by sending custom alerts designed to flag where action on content can be taken. Pulse reports on the metrics that matter most to us; we can see our top performing articles, each article lifecycle  across our KPIs as visitors, subscriptions, registrations, and dwell time among others. The users can also look back at a past article’s performance to gain historical insights. The swift delivery of data was augmented further, by creating a platform designed around our journalists’ and editors’ lifestyles. Pulse is a mobile-first service, putting the data within easier reach and therefore making it simpler to monitor and react to performance. We added personalised alerting so users can save their notification preferences on content such as social-media performance, traffic levels, daily targets or how many subscriptions their article or section gained.Consequently the editors have actionable insights and can change an article’s position accordingly, making sure it reaches the right audience, bringing us closer to our readers’ preferences and fulfilling our strategic goals and KPIs.  The fact that the tool has been built and owned internally means we can adapt to change quickly and build new features as and when they are required. We have a small Agile team that is focused on Pulse and which involves journalists and editors as active participants of the building process. It has connected teams across the company and has helped to make us all feel engaged in Pulse’s creation, while ensuring that the newsroom will actively use it. That has been borne out by the statistics; so far we have seen that 90% of Pulse’s user-base access the tool each day. 



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