Declaring the Capture of Bihar´s Newspaper Market
2019 Finalist

Declaring the Capture of Bihar´s Newspaper Market

Dainik Bhaskar

Mumbai, India

Category Best Idea to Grow Advertising Sales or Retain Advertising Clients

Overview of this campaign

The objectives

  •  Make the target audience aware of the ground reality in an interesting way.
  • Position Dainik Bhaskar as the game-changer in Bihar.
  • Enable sales teams to ramp up rates, demand higher market share and bring non - advertisers on board for whom Bihar was a priority market.


The strategic business challenges:

  • But we faced a critical challenge of turning the results from the ground efforts into concrete verifiable data for the media fraternity and advertisers across the country.
  • In India, the media agencies operate from metro cities of India where the majority of advertisers are based. These media planners primarily rely on ABC and IRS to make decisions about any media plans for the print advertising campaigns of the advertisers.
  • Planners and buyers were skeptical and in no hurry to change their mind.
  • As this exponential growth of Dainik Bhaskar was achieved in mere 6 months, latest ABC numbers did not reveal our updated circulation numbers.
  • The next Readership Survey was atleast a year away.

 We needed to convey that the stakes in Bihar’s newspaper category had clearly changed and that Dainik Bhaskar was now a lead player.

 We decided to commission an independent research to study and understand the relative standing of Hindi newspapers in Bihar. Among the multiple pitches, Hansa Research won the pitch and presented the The Bihar Readership Report 2018.

The survey ratified our inference that we had in fact, become the second largest newspaper in Bihar in just 6 months.

 Now the task at hand was to convey this to our TG sitting in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

Results for this campaign

Big idea and how it came to life:


Who would you back - The fastest horse in the race, or the oldest?


We unleashed an multi-channel campaign in 2 phases spanning 7 months.


Phase 1 ( Prepare the ground for the readership report results)

-          Communication of ground efforts and result through ads and emailers

-          Video Walls at Delhi and Mumbai airports

-          Management letter to all key clients

-          Direct mailers

-          Bihar Study Tours for TG.


Phase 2 (communicate the results of the Survey and celebrate the No 2 position)

-          Communication of the results of the Hansa Bihar Survey through ads and e-mailers

-          Video Walls at Delhi and Mumbai airports

-          Press Conference by Hansa Research

-          The Every 2nd Matters digital Contest on historic runners up (microsite, alerts, promotional e-mailers, contest extension, winners announcement)

-          Celebration with trade





1/There was100% awareness and recall of Dainik Bhaskar in Bihar as the No 2 newspaper. This was gauged through a phone survey.

2/ They used words like hi-decibel, engaging, great ads, catchy lines to describe the campaign.

3/ The Every 2nd Matters Contest was a hit - close to 1500 people took part in the contest;

 successful engagements deliver 700-1000 numbers in our target group.

4/ The campaign provided the air cover and opportunity to engage with the target group on multiple occasions.

5/ Average 50% rate hike achieved for regular users of Dainik Bhaskar, Bihar and 100% in cases where Bihar was a high priority market.

6/ Bundling of Bihar with DB (All editions) was discontinued and it started pulling standalone rates.

7/ 85% volume growth was achieved cumulatively over Quarter 2 and 3 of the financial year.

8/  Over 150 new advertisers added.


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