An App to Power a Parliament
2019 Finalist

An App to Power a Parliament

Jagran Prakashan

New Delhi, India

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Overview of this campaign

Jagran Youth Parliament – powered by an App

To engage with young readers, we launched Jagran Youth Parliament across 11 cities to give them practical exposure on understanding democratic governance.

5800 youth applied for the programme, of which we selected 478 for the Youth Parliament. These young parliamentarians met during the year and clocked 588 hours of discussion. They were trained, their performance monitored, and given a score on their Democratic Behavior.

To manage continuous engagement with these MPs, we created a Selection tool called DBOAT and an App to manage the programme delivery.

Proprietary Selection tool - DBOAT:

We selected candidates based on their Democratic awareness, thinking, communication, and action. To do this we developed a Democratic Behavior Observation and Analysis Tool [DBOAT].

-        Apply online through the campaign website

-        System sends auto-generated email to shortlisted candidates

-        Shortlisted candidates take a Knowledge Test and appear for Group Discussion

-        Based on performance scores, system sends auto-generated email to candidates to appear for Personal Interview and are briefed on a Research Activity

-        The system generates the list of selected candidates, based on Knowledge Test, Group Discussion, Personal Interview and Research Activity

The system was designed to create visualizations to understand diversities of Gender, Religion, Income and Education. It enabled us to understand number of applications received via different marketing channels. It also created a Baseline Democratic Behavior Index for each selected candidate.

Creating the JYP App

The JYP App was designed to be the engagement engine for the programme:

-        It enhanced the learning experience for participants

-        It helped ensure maintain process quality

-        It helped monitor Content quality generated during the parliamentary discussions

-        Gave us details on Parliament productivity and quality of participation

-        Live tracking of Democratic Behavior Index allowed us to make suitable interventions as individual level to help the MP improve efficiency

It created accountability and transparency in delivering the programme 

Results for this campaign

Functioning of the Parliament via the JYP Academy Mobile App:

Selection of Office Bearers and Ministers: This is the first step once the Parliament is formed. The entire process of nomination and voting is done via the JYP Academy App with the voting counts projected on a big screen in the Parliament.

Bills and Issues: MPs put out bills and issues they propose for discussion. The house votes via the App, and then the selected bills are discussed and amended. Amendments are documented and put on the system.

Knowledge Sharing: The App is used for sharing content on live knowledge sessions on History of Democracy, Indian Constitution, Parliamentary Procedures, various bills and issues – all this to promote sustained self-learning.

Individual Profiles and Feedback: The JYP App is loaded with learning material, Individual feedback, Tests & Bill details for upcoming sessions.

Each Youth MP has a personal profile on the App, enabling them to:

-        See attendance data, level of participation, personal behavior during the session- for self-assessment and reflection.

-        See data on collective performance and behavior as a group [in form of a City Report] 

-        Review and rate performance of office bearers – live ratings helped in creating accountability and transparency

Individual Performance Scores: Test, attendance, and performance scores are live on the App – all culminate to create the Democratic Behavior Index. The Baseline DB Index Scores can be compared with the Endline Democratic Behavior Index to give an indication of the impact the programme has made on the individual.


-        Democratic Behaviour Index (DBI) of the 478 MPs showed a 33% increase from the Baseline to Endline Score

-        Over 200 young MPs are working on local issues like primary education, and child labor. By year-end, they’re expected to build a system of local impact to be carried forward by next batches.

77 pages of unique content generated by the Youth Parliament was carried in Dainik Jagran that enabled us to engage better with youth


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