The Data Platform as a Platform of Innovation
2019 Winner

The Data Platform as a Platform of Innovation


Gävle, Sweden

Category Culture and People

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Overview of this campaign

Mittmedia wants to anticipate societal changes and rapidly adapt to them. Owning our own data and platforms was the first and most important step towards this goal. Therefore we transited from external system silos to constructing our own in-house platforms for everything we considered core functions: content production, recommendations, distribution, paywalls, user- and advertising data. In addition, we built a central data platform called Soldr, which collects, processes and sends out data between all our systems.

Soldr is the “data-brain” of Mittmedia and acts as the hub which makes innovations possible. Suddenly we are able to act on the need to find strategic synergies between editorial staff, the paid content business, and the advertising business. The implementation of Soldr resulted in the following innovations:

  • Setup of new data team to take care of collecting, storing and distributing data, data science, machine learning and KPI processing based on Soldr data
  • Personalization of our digital news products
  • Automation of manual work in the CMS, freeing editorial resources to create more unique content
  • Data analytic tools are based on Soldr data and allow insights on which B2B, B2C, and the editorial team can act to develop new strategies
  • Setup of an editorial content optimization team focusing on innovating approaches to content creation
  • Soldr provides geographical data used in innovations such as the activation map
  • An auto-categorization and entity recognition project started to improve machine learning and to facilitate linking events, people and locations
  • The creation of a content API starts this year to gather external innovations on Soldr data and to be able to access and use external data for our purposes
  • Aracua is content production and planning system for editorial. It is also planned to get a feedback loop based on Soldr data which helps journalists to prioritize and optimize content ideas based on prior user insights.

Results for this campaign

After the implementation of Soldr we could observe measurable innovative results for our organisation:

  • The organisation's data analytics tools are based on Soldr data. By understanding content and advertising performance, editorial staff, B2B and B2C can fine-tune content consumption short term and develop innovative strategies long-term. A new content optimization team focuses only on finding data-driven innovative ways of using content which already resulted in new verticals and robot-text initiatives.
  • Soldr contains the data and models behind the personalization service of our products. It has led to higher relevance of articles shown on the startpage and thus increased click-through rate. 
  • Soldr also provides geographical data, resulting in innovations like the activation map for editorial staff, and for B2B a map which shows their customers campaigns by visualizing the reach-out-radius to their end customers. Soldr data is even used to fine-tune push notifications to activate “white-spots”.
  • Auto-categorization has already reached >80% accuracy, improves the basis for machine learning, and will innovate the editorial content creation and planning module to automatically help journalists link their events to geographical spaces and physical entities.
  • Research into a content API which provides Soldr data to external sources has begun. It allows external innovations on our data and it allows us to access and combine external data with ours. The content API opens up for even more innovation potential and is considered capital for future investment.
  • Soldr has led to cultural changes in Mittmedia. Based on Soldr data insights, new organisation wide KPI’s have been set up, which result in new strategic alliances between earlier unconnected departments. Knowledge is spread in cross-departmental initiatives to tackle company-wide challenges together, f.ex. by developing a common churn and user model on which we can act following a read-thread.


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