Ñuqanchik, the First TV News Programme in Quechua in Peru
2019 Finalist

Ñuqanchik, the First TV News Programme in Quechua in Peru

Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú

Lima, Peru

Category Product Development

Overview of this campaign

Ñuqanchik has the following objectives:

- Truthful and appropriate information to Quechua speaker community

Ñuqanchik offers information in several types of Quechua and focuses on the community interests. Our daily agenda considers information about politics, agriculture, livestock, weather, environment and sports. 

- Spread knowledge to Quechua speaker community

This programme shares knowledge through stories about customs, ancestral traditions, feast (fiestas), science, culture and arts, medical advices, among others. 

- Contribute with the freedom of expression of the Quechua speaker community 

Ñuqanchik presents live reports in Quechua (via satellite) from Lima and other Peruvian cities as well as studio interviews.

- Increase the supply of audiovisual contents in Quechua

Ñuqanchik is the first and the only one nationwide programme produced in Quechua. This allows to reduce the gap of contents in this native language. Having identified the need of contents in Quechua, Ñuqanchik empowers the community. Occasionally, contents in Spanish provokes poor understanding of national reality and international issues, because of its centralist approach. This situation changes with Ñuqanchik.

- Strengthen the Peruvian identity

Ñuqanchik revalues Quechua as native language by making his right use and recovering words that have been forgotten even by the Quechua speakers. For example, some of them have been replaced by other words known as "quechuañol" (a mixture of words in Quechua and Spanish). Ñuqanchik encourages Peruvian pride.

Results for this campaign

Ñuqanchik success is unquestionable as evidenced by data, reviews and recognitions. Since the announcement of its release, our TV news programme has full coverage thanks the innovative proposal never seen in Peru: a newscast produced entirely by Quechua speaker journalists. Thus, the news coverage before, during and after release attracted the attention of Peruvian media (newspapers, TV, magazine, digital news) and international media such as CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera, El País (Spain), Telerama, among others.

Almost 30 million of people in Peru can watch our TV news programme. This is possible thanks to our 315 broadcast relay TV stations and 74 broadcast relay radio stations of the Instituto Nacional de Radio y Televisión del Perú – IRTP (National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru), and international cable operators. Ñuqanchik is also live-broadcasted on Facebook. Previous episodes of this TV news programme are available in Facebook and YouTube. 

Ñuqanchik was awarded with the “Buena Práctica en Gestión Pública 2017” (CAD) prize in the category of Promotion of Culture and Identity; the “Premio Creatividad Empresarial 2017” (UPC), in the cultural and innovative communication categories. We also was recognized as best public project in the sixth edition of the Javier Pérez de Cuéllar Prize (Embassy of France in Peru). 

On the other hand, officials and former officials of Peruvian Government have praised Ñuqanchik, and also Peruvian and foreign journalists, experts in culture, education and native languages. 

Ñuqanchik has followers on Facebook and Twitter. They are from various cities and several countries (USA and EU included). Likewise, there are people unconnected to Quechua language, but interested in our TV news programme.  

To sum up, Ñuqanchik is a motivating element to public and private institutions to promote Quechua as an important language to our identity, using it in several events such as conferences, fairs, courses, among others.


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