Westchesterian Campaign
2019 Finalist

Westchesterian Campaign

Gannett - USA Today

Mclean, United States

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

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Overview of this campaign

Understanding the importance of having the right message in front of the right audience and the right time, we introduced our reporters and brand to the captive commuter audience on the Metro North trains during their daily travel to and from NYC via Out of Home marketing. This campaign was developed to attract commuters to recognize and utilize our brand and content by reporting on topics that matter to them such as: dining, taxes, education, transportation and real estate. The goal was to increase brand awareness and engagement opportunities for our journalists with a creative, on-brand campaign. This initiative was designed to showcase reporter’s personalities, take ownership of the word Westchesterians and reinforce valued journalism to local audiences. Business goals: increase digital unique, page views, video views and sell subscriptions.

The campaign executed a multi-tiered sales approach which included an increase of social and remarketing efforts to extend the campaign outside of the out-of-home initiative. Phase 1 began with the creation of customized subscription landing pages which were made to complement the creative elements. The social strategy was developed to include a boosting of key reporter content on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Digital ads were served to all major browsers and apps during high-traffic hours. Google AdWords targeted keywords such as Westchesterians, Hudson Line delays, what are taxes in Westchester, etc.

Phase 2 included a continuation of social strategy plans and remarketing strategy on social channels. This was accomplished by engaging further with key prospects who interacted with local stories and dedicated landing page with relevant content and acquisition strategy. Lastly, we remained geofencing and Google AdWords based key learnings in phase 1.

Results for this campaign

From artistically-branded, imaginative design to skillfully developed cross-platform marketing and social media campaigns, this promotion literally put the lohud brand on the map. 

Individual reporter’s efforts and conversations within the community garnered social media and personal brand success.  

Dedicated “Westchesterian” stories reached the top 5 article views when published. Article views were up 33% YOY, while page views increased 18%, mobile video views 51% and unique visitors 20%. In social media we saw a 55% increase in Instagram followers and Twitter followers grew by 2%. 

This campaign combined with other marketing efforts contributed to a YOY increase in online and total sales compared to similar sites. Digital subscriptions were up 52% compared to similar sites.


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