Audience Strategy Activation
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Audience Strategy Activation


New York, United States

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Overview of this campaign

Our Team’s mission is to champion a consumer-centric culture to drive strategy and activation across the company.  Over the past two years we developed a comprehensive audience growth strategy, grounded in a strategic research approach that included: a detailed assessment of the media and consumer landscape; the development of a new, benefits-based consumer segmentation model to better understand consumer needs, motivations and behavior; and a thorough review of our brand health including our relationship with current audiences and growth segments.  Throughout 2018 we focused on driving that strategy across business units.   Our objectives:

  • Introduce the audience strategy and the rationale behind it through communicating the critical business, consumer and audience insights that drove our focus.
  • Create understanding and empathy of audience growth segments to drive relevancy in content and product development
  • Translate the audience strategy for each business unit to ensure more consumer focus in achieving our goals

Our work plan:

  • Cross-functional workshops to share insights about our growth segments, their needs, motivations, relationship to our brands and value to our business.  This included presentations of our Target Audience Strategy, Brand Equity learning, videos IDIs of our growth segments.
  • Prior to each workshop, attendees took a survey developed to classify each into one of the 6 consumer segments our research yielded.  This exercise helped participants to understand who they are relative to the audiences we are trying to grow, creating more empathy for what our growth segments need from us.
  • Created Segment Guides that included insights about the content motivations of our growth segments, examples of impactful content, and a step by step guide on developing the most relevant experiences including topic selection, tone and format.

Results for this campaign

Success of our efforts have been measured in several ways.  Individual teams establish specific audience goals and KPIs.  These are related to either growth, engagement, retention, loyalty and/or satisfaction.  

Goals were achieved or exceeded in a number of areas, attributed to a stronger focus on delivering experiences that are more relevant to the audience and consumer segments we focused our efforts on. We experienced growth in terms of both page views and article views, a measure of deepening engagement with our audiences.  Our mobile video views, a key platform our target growth segments wish and expect to experience our content on, exceeded our goal by 23%.  Customer satisfaction among our digital subscribers improved.  Our signature events (Wine and Food Experience and High School Sports Awards) brought in new audience segments with a strong composition of attendees among our key targets, indexing between 118 and 158 for these audience segments.


We were also successful in driving a more consumer centric culture and deeper employee understanding of our strategy.  Based on our year end employee engagement survey, we saw improvement over the year in several scores, in particular Strategy Communication, Strategy Trust and in the perception that we as a company are Customer Focused.


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