On Calgary Streets: Dignity at the End of Life
2019 Finalist

On Calgary Streets: Dignity at the End of Life

Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun

Calgary, Canada

Category Best Use of Video

Overview of this campaign


  • To demonstrate to users the high quality of local video available on our website;
  • To enhance our news organization’s brand as a media outlet that devotes resources to covering vital social issues;
  • To highlight a problem in our community — the need for palliative care services for homeless individuals;
  • To create a video of significant length, that can extend our brand’s reach via showings at live events or festivals;
  • To extend customers’ engagement time on our website with a longer video.


The content associated with this campaign and project is also available to view without charge at calgaryherald.com/findinghome , but if a user sign-in prompt appears, the generic user name is vanweb@postmedia.com and password is newspaper.

Results for this campaign


  • A high-quality 15-minute video was produced that meets short documentary standards.
  • Awareness of a societal issue increased. Those involved in the palliative care program — which was highlighted in this video — reported they received numerous inquiries about their work after our video was released.
  • The video — the first reporting of their program — set the news agenda in our city when it was released. Four other media outlets followed our lead and created their own stories/videos on the palliative program for the homeless.
  • We devoted significant time to this video. The team who created this video had more than a dozen visits with the homeless individuals and health professionals involved, highlighting our commitment to long-form video and visual journalism. 
  • The video attracted new users to our website and increased the amount of time those customers spent on the site.
  • The video is entered in a local film festival this year.
  • Links to the video were shared across Canada, amongst those who work with the homeless.


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