Finding Home: 31 Days, 31 Ways to End Homelessness
2019 Finalist

Finding Home: 31 Days, 31 Ways to End Homelessness

Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun

Calgary, Canada

Category Public Relations and Community Service

Overview of this campaign

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Objectives – 330 words

  • To turn the spotlight on an often-ignored problem in our city — homelessness;
  • To create a community service campaign and project that make a difference in our city and benefit a vulnerable population, as well as the agencies who work to help them;
  • To provide promotional advertising space to these agencies to enhance awareness;
  • To explore the strategies that work or don’t work, when it comes to addressing the problem of homelessness;
  • To provide a forum for experts to debate and offer solutions;
  • To raise awareness of the problem and foster an increased understanding in our community about how homelessness affect all citizens;
  • To engage all our digital, print and social media channels and platforms to improve our community’s understanding of the problem;
  • To provide a place for citizens to ask questions about homelessness;
  • To bust some myths about homelessness;
  • To highlight the changes that a particular program in our city — a 10-year-plan to end homelessness — achieved;
  • To provide recognition to the dedicated agencies and their hard-working volunteers who address this problem every day of the year;
  • To publish words and photos of new voices and new faces in our print and digital products, from an under-represented and vulnerable population in our city;
  • To expand journalists’ skills when working with members of vulnerable populations;
  • To cultivate new sources for journalists;
  • To provide an environment in which our news organization’s advertising partners from the homebuilding industry could showcase their contributions in addressing the problem of homelessness.

Results for this campaign


  • The media spotlight was shone on the issue of homelessness brighter than ever before in our city, as the Calgary Herald/Calgary Sun published a community service campaign/project: Finding Home.
  • After an introductory video and story on the topic in February, we published a piece of content related to homelessness on each of the 31 days in March.
  • The weight of all our social media, digital and print platforms was employed via ads, stories, columns, photos, videos, Facebook posts, Twitter posts, Instagram stories and a podcast.
  • Our project hash — #findinghome — became a top trending hashtag locally.
  • Campaign content attracted new website traffic and enhanced engagement, especially via videos.
  • We received “thank-yous” from readers, for devoting resources to this issue.
  • We also received thanks from social agencies and the umbrella group Resolve, which oversaw fundraising for the 10-year plan to end homelessness. They said, “It has had such an impact on the number of donations that we have been receiving these past few weeks.”
  • New voices were heard on our platforms. Members of a vulnerable population, often ignored by society, were able to share stories with a mass-media audience.
  • Our journalists developed and enhanced skills/sensitivities when it comes to working with vulnerable individuals.
  • Journalists developed new sources within this population still used today.
  • The project highlighted accomplishments of many who work with the homeless and gave a nod to unsung heroes.
  • It provided an environment for five advertising partners to purchase ads, showcasing their support of solutions.
  • Our print and digital opinion pages featured guest columns and blog posts from experts offering solutions.
  • The Calgary Herald Opinion page devoted space each Saturday in March to the issue, including a full page on March 31 that featured a related editorial, reader letters and editorial cartoon.
  • We solicited questions from readers; experts in the field provided answers and busted myths.



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