For Which Peru Are You Playing?
2019 Finalist

For Which Peru Are You Playing?

El Comercio

Lima, Peru

Category Brand Awareness Campaigns

Overview of this campaign

In 2018, Perú was facing a context of social and political crises.  In addition, there was a general feeling of moral defeat in a country where the most loved sport, soccer, did not stand out.  The country unity was increasingly tearing apart; yet an unexpected event occurred: after 36 years, Perú managed to qualify for the World Cup; the hope and illusion of many Peruvians grew into a feeling of togetherness.  In a context where Perú qualified for the World Cup, we identified this insight associated with soccer.  An insight that put in everyone’s’ words the need to invite the Peruvians to take part in a move to change the country.

For that reason, El Comercio decided to launch the campaign: For which Perú are you playing? with the main purpose of boosting the values of the Peruvians through a question associated with soccer, do you play for or against the country?  The campaign was developed in two stages between April and August of 2018, the first of dissemination and the second of maintenance.  To reach 70% of the target population, we produced two videos with different characters who represent Perú to drive the citizens to become “team jerseys for the Country” by publicizing them through different traditional and digital media.  Also, we proposed to associate with at least 5 companies to take part of the campaign. A special landing was developed for the campaign, and a survey “Do you play for or against the country” to obtain 30 thousand unique visitors and 70 thousand page views.  Also, the product was activated at the point of sale of Publimetro newspapers with the purpose of distributing 30,000 bracelets together with the newspaper.  Lastly, we made smart text boxes and interviews through the newspapers of El Comercio Group and digital media, where we expected to reach 800 thousand readers.

Results for this campaign

The overall results obtained by the end of the campaign were the following:

An outreach of 87% of the campaign’s target audience due to reproduction through the following media: TV, radio, newspapers, billboards and digital media.  Also, we reached free media of 1,5 million Soles.  On top of that, 10 companies of the banking, advertising, telecommunications, and hydrocarbon industries joined the campaign and circulated the target to their associates and external agents.  Also, 10 districts of the metropolitan Lima joined us to spread the campaign objective and to raise awareness among our locals (bracelets and bookmarks).

As regards the digital media, the information posted on Facebook exceeded our goals:

  • 15,000 people shared the information relative to the campaign
  • 25,000 people showed positive reactions
  • We registered 1 million organic views
  • The reach of the campaign was 853,689

Regarding Twitter, we achieved 105,000 new exposed accounts

Regarding YouTube, the results were:

  • 30,900 reproductions of the campaign

In the campaign’s official website, the results were:

  • 42,000 unique users

Due to a campaign rebound in the media, 1,5 million readers were generated thus exceeding our goal by 87,5%.


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