The Rematch
2019 Finalist

The Rematch

Schibsted Media Group

Oslo, Norway

Category Best Use of an Event to Build a News Brand

Overview of this campaign

Historically, Norway has never been one of the biggest football nation. However the match against Brazil was a huge moment in the norwegian sport history. The idea in itself was controversial and high risk. Nevertheless, we had both the editoral and commercial support to implement this unique event.

The main challenge was to transform a new idea into a sustainable economic project, sign in some of the world's biggest football profiles, find a possible and ideal date that suited the players, Aftenposten as well as a date closer to the World Cup. In order to reach our goal we had to get in place sponsors, collaborators and all practicalities, such as a TV production, venue director, ticketing and so on.


* Create one of Norway's most talked about events in 2018
* Generate massive media coverage outside Aftenposten's own channels
* Positive economic result from the event
* Bring in new sponsors and partners to the Aftenposten Event department
* A well produced high-quality feelgood event
* Include a charity organization in the project
* Create a new arena for our new and existing subscribers
With the objective of creating an event of national relevance and with massive attention the communication channel strategy was to reach out in all media channels, actively using PR and our partners and sponsors to maximize impact.

Results for this campaign

We managed to re-create the biggest football moment in the history through carefully planned activities around The Rematch from launch to implementation, a project that extends over many years of preparation and secrecy. This event was so comprehensive that we had a team over 20 people working on a daily basis. Aftenposten Event was responsible to coordinate the whole team throughout the project.

We are very pleased the way we integrated and highlighted our sponsors throughout the event. Furthermore, we manage to organize a charity pre-match between a youth team from the Brazilian favela and a Norwegian youth team with great success.

Economical ROI: 85,7% (Break even reached after 7 hours of general sale)

Tickets sold: More than 18.500 tickets sold, three times more than the present national team in their previous match, making it one of the most sold sport events in Norway in 2018 

Reach: The live TV-broadcast of the event on NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) was the most seen tv-program the week of the event. The program peaked at 76,9% total market share in Norway.  

Event sponsorships: 6 sponsorships sold out 

Value of media coverage in Norway (excluding Aftenposten): >1,8M EURO

SoMe: Launch video with more than 700.000 views, several million interactions on posts related to the event

Twitter: "Omkampen" (The Rematch in Norwegian) trended in Norway at launch and day of event 

Brand awareness: Aftenposten was very clearly labeled as the organizer of the event and we managed to increase the number of readers throughout the project




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