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Qantas Wine E-retailer Turns to Print to Drive Sales

The Australian

Surry Hills, Australia

Category Advertising Sales and Retention

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Overview of this campaign

The Australian proactively approached Qantas Wine and OMD with creative concept to drive wine retail sales on the back of the editorial circulation driver “James Halliday’s Top 100” – within The Weekend Australian Magazine. This is a wine and beer focussed list published exclusively on an annual basis.

 As an e-retailer Qantas Wine had not traditionally used print, and showed initial reservations, but were convinced to commit to the campaign by the enticing creative and the quality of audience engagement they could not access elsewhere. Creative concepts included slight variations between the creative across the list and the ability to deliver what became an almost native campaign embedding them seamlessly into the list narrative.

The campaign delivered on the dual requirements of the client:

· Establish a brand trust and saliency amongst a highly influential, wine drinking and brand advocating audience

·   Sell product and deliver demonstrable sales figures

The campaign was print-led and included a range of traditional and innovative ad units:


  • Inside front cover / DPS of Halliday’s Top 100 feature
  • Full-page right hand page within Halliday’s Top 100 feature
  • Third page vertical x 5 to appear on right hand pages within Halliday’s Top 100 feature
  • Qantas Wine logo to appear on internal marketing advertisements that promote Halliday’s Top 100
  • Qantas Wine to receive 2 medium strips to appear on page 3 within early general news to drive traffic to Halliday’s Top 100 list on-line
  • Qantas Wine to receive an editorial introduction of their sponsorship of Halliday’s Top 100 within The Weekend Australian Magazine from the editor.

  The final executions were able to leverage what is Australia’s most highly regarded wine list from a high profile wine influencer and deliver a seamless customer journey through a purchase process from awareness to purchase in a single campaign

Results for this campaign

The success of an advertising campaign hinges on the behaviour of the audience and the subsequent feedback from the client and Qantas Wine was unstinting in their praise.

“Overall the campaign has performed really well for us and we're thrilled with the results. Very high level:

  • We hit record sales numbers for the month of November
  • The email activity associated with the Halliday top 100 performed at around double our average email campaign rates and organic and direct site traffic was up 80% for the month vs average
  • We sold out of all advertised mixed cases from the campaign within 2 weeks “

As such our exec team have asked me to look into any opportunities to drive something similar through media activity”

Through leveraging print executions with an associated edm, the results drove this traditionally digital focussed, and indeed digitally based, advertiser back into Print for the obvious results it was able to deliver.

Through the flexibility and strong message delivery of the printed magazine the advertiser was able to use the inside front-cover spread to set up the credentials of the Qantas Wine Product, align it with the more established  Frequent Flyer Qantas brand which is beloved by the elite  The Australian audience. As print, and newspaper inserted magazines do best, this established a receptive mindset for the adjacent ad placements in the list later in the magazine.  

 We know from research that the wine magazine has high retention and an extended shelf life, aside from being a circulation driver for The Australian so Qantas Wine have been able to cement their place as wine experts and utilise the content for extended campaigns in both print and digital. They also used content to communicate to members which further drove magazine circulation 


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