Convertly Website and Adtech SaaS Platform
2019 Winner

Convertly Website and Adtech SaaS Platform

Bay Area News Group

San Jose, United States

Category Best Use of New Technology To Generate Revenue and Engage

Overview of this campaign

Customers expect conversions to be achieved with their digital marketing investment. To improve our effectiveness at driving conversion growth, we created Convertly, a website solution built from the ground up to maximize conversions.

We stress with clients that their website is their No. 1 sales rep, and investing in that resource and understanding its performance and impact on the business is crucial. If a potential digital customer of ours has a website that has any of these five issues, we know the customer will probably churn unless we offer a solution that solves for each of the issues -- as Convertly does:

1) Page speed - If a website DOES NOT load in under 3 seconds on mobile, 53% of the traffic will leave, according to Google. Once gone, those customers will likely be looking at a competitor’s product or service.
2) Security - If a website isn't secure and a customer uses the Chrome browser, as 60% of users do, it will say "Not Secure" in the browser bar and if you type a character in a field for a search or form fill it will turn red. Non-secure sites will increase bounce rates and decrease conversions.
3) Conversion tracking - We regularly talk with businesses that are unable to track user-initiated conversions within Google Analytics or their own marketing platforms. As a consequence, these companies have no insight into customer engagement with click-to-call, newsletter signup or other forms, downloads, maps, etc.
4) Mobile design - Although 60%+ of website traffic is from mobile devices, mobile-optimized design is often an afterthought.
5) Conversion-centric design - Websites must be structured to engage, inform and convert the customer.

The Convertly platform gives our sales organization an edge because it solves for all five of these critical issues facing businesses today. It puts us in a position to run digital campaigns that achieve and maintain success.

Results for this campaign

Since soft launch in Q3 2018, Convertly has helped us close 24 new customers spending $10K - $400K per year with us. We’re now picking up steam, and the Bay Area News Group expects to have 500 Convertly clients by 2021.

Convertly helps our MMAE's increase annual digital spending by providing clients who make significant investments in digital with a Convertly website that includes all the platform benefits. This strategy has also shifted our reps prospecting to clients that are serious about growing their business, know that conversions are necessary for their success and understand the importance of their website and marketing working together. This robust offering shows a path forward for our reps to stay competitive, retain longer and up-sell often.

Likewise, our Adtaxi digital-only sellers have found Convertly to be a fantastic platform to offer when closing new e-commerce clients. We believe that any e-commerce customer of ours should have a website built to maximize conversions - period. If the client doesn’t, Convertly will create it. As a result, clients will love working with us that much more, and we forge a real partnership for long term success.

We are taking Convertly on the road, locally to events such as a digital masterclass for the Palo Alto Chamber of Commerce, and out of the core market in places like Bend, Oregon, where we are holding a similar event with local business leaders. We plan four additional events with local chambers this year.


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