Persona Project
2019 Finalist

Persona Project

Grupo RBS

Porto Alegre, Brazil

Category Best Use of Consumer Research

Media associated with this campaign

Overview of this campaign

With the goal of understanding exactly who the current Gauchos (natives of Rio Grande do Sul state) are, how they behave and in witch level tradition influences the state, Grupo RBS took the field to chat with today’s Gauchos.

Results for this campaign

Following the launch of the project, articles were published in Zero Hora newspaper, along with a quiz on ‘GaúchaZH’, with drops on Gaúcha radio and a special report on the lunchtime news program ‘Jornal do Almoço’ (RBSTV). All these editorials were aimed at informing the population about the results of the study. To date, 95 meetings have been held with advertisers, generating a financial result for Grupo RBS of BRL 5 million through the sale of advertising space. ‘Persona’ fostered an increase in the knowledge of the Gaucho population and made Grupo RBS a reference on information about the state and its people


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